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Friday Finds: Robots, Leaps and Tailgating

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Happy Long Weekend Creactives!

We’re gearing up to take advantage of some much needed Vitamin D exposure here at Joby labs, but first some fun finds.

Robot Themed Reviews

Gorillapod loving seems to be get better with nerds. How can you resist taking advice from the Big Shiny Robot? Especially when it is coupled with such a contented, blue, lounging robot and providing “Nerd News & Reviews.”

Oh, and welcome to the world where absurd statements meet Joby love. I get a kick out of the idea that your only option for positioning might be to balance your Gorillapod on a robot.

Leaping Lizzards

This Gorillapod plus self-timer photo barely needs an introduction.

Football Season is Here

Shocking though it may be, Football (American style) season has arrived and according to Tailgater magazine, the Gorillatorch is a must-have item to accompany any pre-gaming feast.

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