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Friday Finds: Who’s in the Kitchen with Joby? Plus, Gorillatorch Soars with Dads and a Late Night Shoot Out

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Who’s in the Kitchen with Joby?

It appears as if some people in the office just can’t leave work at home, no matter what they do.  This Joby employee-created spice rack, is a playful and fun alternative to the conventional kitchen.  Maybe this cheeky use of the product will inspire your next food masterpiece. Or, just make your next cooking disaster easier to recover from.

Gorillatorch Takes Father’s Day by Storm

Father’s day is fast approaching and Joby products are on many gift givers list.  This week Joby Gorillatorch soared to the top of Amazon charts as the bestselling flashlight and ranked  in the top #5 in the  Home Improvement category. Go, Gorillatorch, Go!

Joby Sponsors Photography Fest in July

Joby is happy to sponsor the Power of Photography Show & Expo again this year in Florida.  Even though the event isn’t until July they sent out this lovely poster to help promote the event!

Late Night Shoot Out

Travel to Zagreb and witness a side by side comparison…sorry, an impression… of night shooting with a Canon 5D Mark II vs. a Panasonic DMC GFI.  This fun comparison of expensive vs. accessible camera gear and accessories is a great read. Here are the details on this evening adventure of side by side shooting on Veo el Mundo blog.

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