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Use your camera strap with your camera tripod!

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After our UltraFit Sling Strap launch, a good number of customers told us that they also wanted to use their camera strap with their tripod without having to unscrew the strap. So, we started looking for universal quick release tripod plates on the market to point our customers to. But we were surprised at how expensive and complicated they were. $50 – $100? That’s more than our sling strap!

So, our designers and engineers got to work.

We aim for simple but adaptable designs that put a lot of functionality in the hands of our users.

So, let’s start with a universal camera baseplate that’s made of hard-anodized machined-aluminum with a unibody design. That makes it tough, sleek, and small.

We’ll include two ¼-20” female mounting holes for your accessories like camera straps or flash brackets. We’ll include a slot for your hand and wrist strap.


Let’s give it an extra long mounting slot so you can position the base plate where it makes the most sense to you. Now, you have a total camera platform!

Let’s make it an Arca-Swiss compatible tripod plate so you can just slide your camera into the most common mounting system for tripods. But if you’re using something like a Manfrotto® RC2 ballhead, you can attach the UltraPlate to the ¼-20” screw of an RC2 quick-release plate.


We don’t like tools that get in our way so let’s make it small at 2.8” x 1.7” (Arca-Swiss dovetail is 1.5″ wide) x 0.5” (7.2 x 4.3/3.85  x 1.25 cm) and weighing only 1.65 oz (47g) so that it fits nicely underneath your DSLR camera or compact system camera.

And finally, let’s make it $19.95 so it’s a no-brainer for everybody to have one for their camera.

Check out our video below on the UltraPlate and buy one for your camera today!


CineMoco by Cinetics on Kickstarter!

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Our friends at Cinetics are at it again, inventing awesome video gadgets that help you create feature-film style videos without the feature film budget!

The newest in their suite of awesome gear is CineMoco—a motor controlled dolly and slider for video and timelapse photography. They just launched on Kickstarter and have already reached their goal, but trust us, you’ll want to get in on this project.

Check out everything that CineMoco can do in this video.

To join in the fun, pledge to their Kickstarter campaign here. To learn more about the rest of the Cinetics family and how fabulous they pair with GorillaPod Focus and GorillaPod SLR-Zoom, check out CineSkates and CineSquid!

Help GorillaPod SLR-Zoom Win T3 Award!

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Thanks to your support, our GorillaPod SLR-Zoom is a now FINALIST in T3 Magazine’s Gadget Awards 2012 as Best Gadget Accessory of the Year!  WOW! And thank you!

But, we need just a bit more of your love and attention to WIN …

Don't you want to see this cutie to take home the title?

Help us take home the Best Gadget title by voting again for your favorite gadget accessory—GorillaPod SLR-Zoom! Just click on the button below to vote.

Seeing Red Photo Contest

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Last week, we hosted a Seeing Red Photo Contest in honor of our new products GorillaPod Hybrid Red and GorillaPod SLR Zoom Red. We had so many great submissions and are so impressed! Here are the winners and some of our favorite entries. It was incredibly tough to narrow it down to even this selection. Thanks to everyone who entered!

And the winners of  a GorillaPod Hybrid Red or SLR Zoom Red are …

… Ramune Bernotaite

RED by Ramune Bernotaite

… and FNU Veeresh! Congratulations! 

Gimme Red by FNU Veeresh

And here are some more of our favorite entries …

Alaa K

Allison Hwang

Bartek Wawrzynkiewicz

Brian Pflanz

Corey Wright

Christopher Chua

Gage Salyards

Inna Malostovker

Jacob Legge


Judy Demond

Marie-Catherine O'Malley

Maryann Pawlyshyn

Masakazu Ejiri

Nour Suleiman

Omar Shami

Patti Thompson

Pavel Musil

Rajiv Pachat

Rhyn Williams

Rick Ohnsman

Robert Coats

Sakari Sipila

Sakari Sipila

View even more great photography from the contest on our Facebook Page! Stay tuned for more fun contests!

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