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JOBY GripTight POV Kit Review Round-up

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The JOBY GripTight POV Kit reviews are in, and the community is discovering how useful it is in their daily vlogging, video creation, and photography.

The Impulse Bluetooth shutter, cold shoe adapter,  and added stabilization are all welcomed features and have been put to the test.

Check out these informative reviews and get a grip on your own!


“The Joby Griptight POV kit is so much more than just a selfie stick. This portable smartphone mount has so many functions, despite its small size. Multiple viewing angles combined with a removable Bluetooth remote ensures that you will always capture the perfect picture.” Review from the AndriodGuys

“The GripTight Pov Kit is a great tool for new videographers, iPhone photographers, content creators, or weekend warriors. At only $49.99, it is well worth the investment and gives great value for the features and functionality that it provides.” Review from the Brotographer




Say Hello to MPod Mini & GPod Mini Magnetic!

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We’ve added two new products to the JOBY family and boy are they fun little guys!

MPod Mini is a great on-the-go stand for your smartphone. It’s jaws expand to fit just about any smartphone, including the massive Galaxy Note II! iPhone 5, Galaxy SIV, HTC One—they all fit (even with a case!), no problem!  Plus, MPod is just $14.95!


We’ve also got GPod Mini Magnetic! A tiny tripod with super strong magnetic feet that is great for your point and shoot camera, GoPro or Contour camera. He might be tiny, but we are not messing around with those magnetic feet! They are STRONG!  Take him home for just $14.95!


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iPhone or Android? Either! Our NEW GripTight fits all best-selling phones!

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We are stoked to announce our brand new GripTight Mount, GripTight Micro Stand and GripTight GorillaPod Stand for smartphones! For the past few years, you’ve been asking for a GorillaPod that worked with your Samsung, Nokia, new iPhone, iPhone with an Otterbox case, Motorola, the list went on and on. We heard you. Our team created an awesome tripod mount that will expand to fit your phone and case—whatever phone you’ve got— and keep it securely positioned wherever your adventures take you.

GripTight will take your phone photography and videography from acceptable to awesome. Get more creative with photo and video apps. Watch movies or read books on the go without craning your neck. Skype or Facetime without exhausting your arm muscles. Use turn by turn GPS without looking down at the phone in your lap. Everything you love to do with your phone, but even better because it’s handsfree.

Check out the video to the GripTight in action!

JOBY GripTight Mount & Stands for Smartphones from JOBY Inc on Vimeo.

GripTight Mount- Any phone, any tripod, anywhere!

The GripTight Mount works with any best-selling smartphone with or without a case, plus any tripod, including our GorillaPods. It is compact, lightweight and super versatile, making it the perfect smartphone accessory.

How to Use the JOBY GripTight Mount from JOBY Inc on Vimeo.

GripTight Micro Stand – Smallest, sleekest smartphone stand

The GripTight Micro Stand is the most portable smartphone tripod ever! A tiny 3.2″ long when folded, it is so compact you’ll never leave home without out. It’s perfect it for impromptu group portraits, watching YouTube, reading the newspaper, or browsing your Flipboard.

How to Use the JOBY GripTight Micro Stand from JOBY Inc on Vimeo.

GripTight GorillaPod Stand – Adaptable, flexible smartphone tripod

Everyone’s favorite tripod is transformed into an unstoppable force of smartphone photo and video production when paired with the GripTight. Position your phone just about anywhere to capture a self-portrait, try a new perspective or record shake-free video.

How to Use the JOBY GripTight GorillaPod Stand from JOBY Inc on Vimeo.


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