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Friday Finds: Sweet videos of people in motion air + water and some great reviews

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Happy Friday!!

Here at JOBY, we clearly are in awe of parkour (in case you haven’t figured that out see exhibit #1 = our website) and these outtakes from the Red Bull Art of the Motion shot using a GorillaPod do not diminish our interest one bit. Some mind blowing stuff!



Video Studio Pro explains the advantages of a GorillaPod with a man on the street interview.




Some Flickr Eye Candy
Night colors


bay street
Bay Street by Ronnie Yip (this one even comes with a GorillaPod appreciation)

Other Good Stuff

Look quickly and keep your eye on the woman’s hand (seriously)…you’ll know what I am talking about when you view this promotional video by Go Pro. Didn’t see what I was talking about? Where is your mind?

Some Press Shout Outs

“Innovative” and “useful”- music to our ears in this great piece about the GorillaTorch line that appeared in this week’s Montreal Gazette.

With “four viewing positions with infinite permutations” and affirmation of the ergonomic benefits of the foldable accessory, Macworld has a long review of our GorillaMobile Ori for iPad.

Friday Finds:The Ultimate Review Video, Trapeze Swings and Mountain Bikers

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Happy Friday Creactives!

Another action filled week here at Joby and on the web. I was super excited to come across the first video posted below. Enjoy!

A Beautifully Shot Gorillapod Review

With close to 6,000 views already, this gorgeous review by DigitalRev of the Gorillapod line of products is not to be missed. It shows off a number of excellent use cases and comes with some quality lines, given in a deadpan tone.

My favorites include:

“You don’t want to sit down on one of these”


In reference to the quick release;  “That was really quick!” (You might just have to see it to understand this one)

Plus, the fabulous juxtaposition of the Barbie pink Gorillapod at the construction site is pretty priceless.

Alternate Perspectives

While this film does at times make me feel a little sick, it is the closest I will ever come to being a circus performer – thanks Gorillamobile.

Mountain Bikers –  Meet the Gorillatorch Flare

Fun reading on this quality coverage of the Gorillatorch Flare on Mountain Bike Riders website. A full analysis of the use of the hands-free flashlight on and off the bike.

Favorite Line: From repair stand light to front commuter light. Gorillatorch Flare’s versatility RULES

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