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Tips from a Pro: Jack Atley

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On Wednesday I attended the Lowepro Photography Webinar with Australian photographer Jack Atley.  Jack Atley is a professional commercial photographer with clients ranging from the Sydney Opera House to Coca Cola to Peugeot to Gucci. His presentation was really well done and full of great anecdotes to illustrate his points. Plus, he has a fabulous Aussie accent!

Lucky for those of you who couldn’t make it, I took notes. Here are Jack’s tips for taking better pictures and becoming a successful photographer.

  1. Shoot lots of images! Practice, practice practice to learn your camera inside and out.
  2. Get good light! And then put your subject in that light. Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to shoot. Also chose the lowest ISO for the light available to get the best detail.
  3. Watch your backgrounds. Be mindful of what is behind your subject.
  4. Composition – the rule of thirds. Put your subject (the main thing you want to get across to your viewer) in the bottom, top, left or right third of the frame instead of the dead center for a more dynamic photograph.
  5. Shoot for your viewer, not just yourself. 
  6. Be creative! Take risks! If you look at things the way everyone else is looking at them, you’ll never get a stand-out image.
Curious what’s in a pro photographers bag? Here are the items that are in Jack’s basic kit:  Nikon D3X, wide angle zoom lens (14- 20mm), medium range  zoom lens (28 – 105 mm), longer zoom lens (80 – 200 mm), a flash (Nikon SB900) and his laptop. He fits this all into his Lowepro CompuDay Pack and jumps on his Vespa!
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Happy weekend!
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