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Dad In His Natural Habitat – Winners Announced!

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Apparently, Dads do the craziest things. The range of activities which make Dads great seemed as abundant as the number of Dads out there.  From hiking to hunting to being the center of attention, fathers in the Dad in his Natural Habitat embraced their favorite activities with gusto…even if they were just hanging out half-naked and transferring money to their daughter’s bank account (yep, I am not making this stuff up).

And now, the winners!

The Natural Habitat of a Life Long Basketball Player and World Class Grandpa by Crissie Fields

Dad Reducing His Carbon Footprint by Joanek

Dad the Entertainer by Scott E.

Father, Child and Grandfather Cooking by Noam

Push Ups by Shelby

Dad on his Harley and the Open Road by ShannyD

Refreshing by Cookiee_Monster1988

Sharing by Ssprice

Me and My Son Jalen by KeelingJ

The Way It Was by Livrae

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