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JOBY Loves Color! GorillaPod Original Color Inspiration Story

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Can’t we all admit that our photography life without color would be quite dull. Color catches our eye, changes the way we view the world around us and inspires our work. Because we love to look at colors, talk about them and take pictures of them (and we figure you do too!),  we thought we’d share the inspiration behind our four fresh GorillaPod Original colors— fuchsia, lime green, sky blue and charcoal.

Our GorillaPod Original is no stranger to color. In fact, we’ve almost wrapped the entire rainbow of primary and secondary colors around those little ball and socket legs.

But this time, we decided we wanted to adorn our GorillaPod with four completely fresh colors!  Colors that departed from the realm of simple red, orange or yellow and embraced the complex pallet that surrounds us everyday.

JOBY lead product designer Eric says that “every JOBY design project starts with a good look out into the world”. With this new color project “we wanted to express the fun and creativity that comes with our products, as well as the great outdoors where they work so well”.

Gather Inspiration

First, our design team gathered inspiration from all around them. From super cars to fashion runways, from flowers to consumer products, they took it all in.

Eric, who lead the project, tends to travel a lot for JOBY and he is always taking photographs and grabbing clips from magazines. He was most attracted to images that challenged the conventions of style, design and color. Companies that took a unique approach to fashion design, product design or photography and weren’t afraid to stretch the limits of creativity really caught Eric’s eye. Can you blame him? Innovation is always more interesting!

Create a Mood Board 

Eric complied his stash of inspirational images into a big board of color! By seeing all of the images arranged together, he could get a more refined idea of where color trends were going for spring and summer. Eric discovered that color had moved far beyond primary and secondary colors into the realm of complex tertiary colors like chartreuse, indigo, aqua and ochre.

The colors showcased on Eric’s mood board are tertiary colors that are popular right now throughout America, Europe and Asia. “It blows me away how trends can find their way around the globe so quickly these days!”  he said.

Narrow it Down

Certain colors in the mood board stood out more to Eric. He pulled those colors aside and consolidated his inspiration board. Eric’s goal was to create a unified color pallet that was modern and fresh. He chose colors that resonated with him emotionally—hues that were not only pretty, but ones he thought would inspire creativity in others as well.

“We decided to create a harmonic palette of bright, cheery tertiary colors. What makes this harmonic palette so special is that you can mix and match any of these colors with another color in the palette and they always look great together,” Eric said.

Eric’s final color choices were fuchsia, lime green, sky blue and charcoal. The end result—fresh, fun and photo-inspiring GorillaPods!

To celebrate the four fresh hues, we’re hosting a Wrapped Up In Color Contest on Pinterest. Share your color story with JOBY by pinning the colorful photos that inspire you this season for a chance to win one of our brand new GorillaPods (or even a set of all of four)! For more details on how to pin and win, visit JOBY’s Wrapped Up In Color Contest.


Hot New Hues! GorillaPod Original is Lookin’ Mighty Fine!

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We’re happy to announce four exciting new colors of our award-winning camera tripod GorillaPod Original for point and shoot cameras!  Just in time for summer, GorillaPod Original is now available in fuchsia, lime green, sky blue and charcoal. Can’t you agree they’re looking fresh!

In honor of our four new colors, we created a brand new GorillaPod Original demo video! Follow the JOBY Team as we bend and wrap GorillaPod Original all over San Francisco!



To keep the GorillaPod color celebration going, we’re also hosting Wrapped Up In Color, a color inspiration contest on Pinterest. Share the colors that inspire you this season for a chance to win a brand new GorillaPod Original (or even a set of all four!). All the details on how to pin and win right here!

Blogger? Member of the press? Here is our GorillaPod Orginal press release and additional images.


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