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Friday Finds: GorillaPod Focus on the move, Hiking and Biking

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Happy Friday Creactives!


Somehow we have tripped into the middle of April and all that entails. This week brought with it some interesting videos from JOBY fans which includes some fun lip syncing which for a change does involve ABBA and  a great set of images in a blog titled “Hiking in Finland” about – you guessed it – hiking in Finland with a GorillaPod SLR.

First a test of a GorillaPod Focus mounted on the outside of a moving vehicle by JOBY fan  Zach Settewongse of www.s3films.com. Disclaimer – we do not suggest nor encourage you to try this out- but it is entertaining to watch.

“The Situation” Zach, Lisa & the Mini Cooper-S from Zach Settewongse • s3films on Vimeo.



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