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Friday Finds: Gorillatorch Flare Reveals Itself and Gets Some Bling

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Hello Creactives!

Gorillatorch Flare Launch

Clearly the big news this week was the lively launch of … Gorillatorch Flare. What you were thinking of another (to be remain unnamed) product launch? Gorillatorch Flare has been lighting up the press and we are excited to have this super high-quality light in our array.  Perhaps the most hilarious press hit this week was a piece in Wired that may (just maybe) have taken the “red light” analogy a  little far. Then again, as someone who grew up listening to the Police, it is a pretty catchy turn of phrase (although perhaps not in the mouth of a 8 year old).

In addition, Gorillatorch Flare was awarded a great piece of bling! The newest kid on the block was selected as a Hot Pick in this year’s 2010 Digital Life Expo in Australia.

Gorillapod Focus meets Miami Vice

Bow-chicka-bow-bow.   This week Photography Bay, who recently came up with the awesome idea to drive around the a Gorillapod Magnetic attached to their car, returns with this excellent review, showing off some of the wonders of the  Gorillapod Focus and Ballhead X combination.

Dad in his Natural Habitat

As a friendly reminder – Father’s day is coming soon and time is running out to take advantage of Free Shipping on Joby.com and to enter the Dad in his Natural Habitat Photo Contest. Enjoy!

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