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JOBY Flash Clamp & Locking Arm Photo Contest

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WOW there were a lot of entries into the JOBY Flash Clamp & Locking Arm contest. There was also a lot of really, really good entries! Trying to pick just five winners was difficult and in the end we decided to pick five unique approaches to the using a flash.


And the 5 Winners are:

Peter M.  – Arches National Park

“This is my first attempt at a star trail taken of Double Arch in Arches National Park, Utah.  The shot is comprised of about 200 30 second exposures.  On the final exposure, I walked around the base of the arches manually popping a Nikon SB-700 up into the arches to illuminate them.”

Peter M - Arches National Park


David L. – Blue Fronted Dancer Damselfly

“Here is my entry for the flash clamp giveaway.  This is a Blue Fronted Dancer damselfly, taken along the rocks by a stream running through Robert E. Lee Memorial Park in Maryland.  I used a reversed 50mm prime lens and set of macro extension tubes along with an SB-700 speedlight flash and mini-soft-box. .”



Dale M. – Kayak Spinning Wave

“A perfect night we hit the uk floods, the wave formed in perfect condition steep, fast and fantastic. The wave forms about 330 feet across visibility is low so reliant on moonlight meant without flash a photo was impossible, this shot meant using high speed sync to freeze motion in its tracks.”



Jesse R. – Little Reader

“Just as a child’s body needs food to grow, so does his mind. And what better food for a growing mind than a magical book. The photo is of my son and I was inspired by the importance of reading to our children. I used a single flash pointed into the book to reflect back and create the illusion of a magical scene versus simple words on paper.”

Nikon D3s, 24-70mm @55mm, 1/250th shutter speed, Nikon sb900 pointed into book, Nikon sb600 thru umbrella to light the cover of the book.



Jose Q. – Jeep Splash

“Those flash clamps could have been very useful for this picture. I had to use bungee cords and duct tape. Two flashes attached to the sun visors.”  :o( Cheers!



Winners will be notified by email 🙂




Additional Awesome Entries.

Here are a few entries that were excellent. We really struggled on choosing the winning images in this contest as so many entries were just so creative.  Some really, really great work. We’ll have more contest coming soon so keep entering.


Kevin V. – Girl in Pool – Turning Daylight into Night

“Photo was taken July 28, at 4:46pm. ( bright sunshiny day), in a pool.
Nikon D300, Nikon 24 – 70mm lens, ISO 200, 1/200sec. at f11, 2 external  Nikon SB-900’s”



Loren L. – Water Drop Collisions



Tom R. – Flip

“It took me a lot of attempts to capture my flip with the self timer in such a way that I was equally lit in the air.”



Rita M

“It is melting frost on my car windshield.   I caught it as the sun was rising on the opposite side from where I was standing.  I used on camera flash and what I got was pure magical. ”



Rob E.



Fernando P.



Melissa H.

“The most awesome impossible (fake) skateboarding photo ever! Haha”



Kelly M.

“Attached is a picture of a beautiful gerbera daisy taken with flash in my home.”



Tony Y.



Shawn G.

“The flash (430 ex II) was fired with a small radio trigger. The flash was flat against the umbrella rod, pointing up into it, being held in place by her hand.”



Steven B.



Laura M. – Water Drop



Travis A. – The Sailboat & The Sea




Thank You Everyone!

There were many, many more entries that were excellent. Thank you all for participating!


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