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Dad In His Natural Habitat – Winners Announced!

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Apparently, Dads do the craziest things. The range of activities which make Dads great seemed as abundant as the number of Dads out there.  From hiking to hunting to being the center of attention, fathers in the Dad in his Natural Habitat embraced their favorite activities with gusto…even if they were just hanging out half-naked and transferring money to their daughter’s bank account (yep, I am not making this stuff up).

And now, the winners!

The Natural Habitat of a Life Long Basketball Player and World Class Grandpa by Crissie Fields

Dad Reducing His Carbon Footprint by Joanek

Dad the Entertainer by Scott E.

Father, Child and Grandfather Cooking by Noam

Push Ups by Shelby

Dad on his Harley and the Open Road by ShannyD

Refreshing by Cookiee_Monster1988

Sharing by Ssprice

Me and My Son Jalen by KeelingJ

The Way It Was by Livrae

Joby Photo Contest Winners Announced

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After pouring through hundreds of creative and enchanting photos from photographers all over the globe, we are excited to announce the winners of the Joby Photo Contest!

(Check out the the winners’ loot below.)

So, without further ado…the Grand Prize Winner for his breathtaking and creatively constructed view of  the Eiffel Tower is: Daniel Remler.

Daniel Remler -Eiffel Tower and Shadow

Daniel Remler

As part of his prize, Daniel’s photo will be displayed in the June 2010 edition of  Popular Photography.

In his own words, this is how Daniel, a German freelance photographer, was able to capture the shot:

The pictures were taken during my France trip last year in December. On this trip I took my Canon 40D SLR, the Gorillapod and my little Canon IXUS, just in case.

Unfortunately this ‘case’ eventually happened. My SLR suddenly didn’t work anymore and it turned out the shutter was broken. So I used the little IXUS for the rest of the journey. Those circumstances made this image actually possible because the upper platform of the Eiffel tower is surrounded by a close-meshed fence. I would never have got my SLR through it, but the little IXUS was perfectly made for this shot.

I saw the giant shadow of the tower and thought, this view is awesome. I wanted to link the shadow with its origin: the tower. But I would have needed a super wide angle lens to capture the whole scene. So instead I decided to take a series of 5 single images which I would later stitch together to a panorama at my PC. I used my Gorillapod which I winded around the railings and then step by step tilted my camera.

At home I edited the ready stitched image in Photoshop where I removed the saturation of everything but the river. I also sharpened the picture and increased the contrast by using the curves.

Bravo Daniel!

And now, for our Runners Up:

Maggi Dandar Photography -Anchor Point Ohio

Maggi Dandar

Kyaw Kyaw Winn - Myanmar Photography

Kyaw Kyaw Winn

Pete Leong - Fukushima city, Japan Photography

Pete Leong

Sudip Roychoudhury Boats Photograph

Sudip Roychoudhury

Darren Constantino Photography -Gorllapod SLR

Darren Constantino

Honorable Mentions:

Peter Talke -Photograph with Gorillapod Focus

Peter Talke

Elizabeth McKee-Seattle Space Needle Photo

Elizabeth McKee

Grand Prize Winner

  • Our entire Gorillapod assortment! (Gorillapod Original, SLR, SLR-Zoom, Ballhead, and Focus)
  • Your photograph published in Popular Photography!
  • Featured placement on Joby.com

Runners Up (5)

  • Gorillapod SLR-Zoom + Ballhead
  • Gorillamobile
  • Your photograph showcased on Joby.com

Honorable Mentions

  • Gorillapod Original
  • Your photograph on Joby.com
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