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New GorillaPods! Tiny but mighty!

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Hello friends!

We’d like to introduce the newest additions to our GorillaPod Family: GorillaPod Micro 250, GorillaPod Micro 800 and GorillaPod Hybrid! We are proud to expand the scope of our GorillaPod line into supports for hybrid cameras and also into always-on tripods.

Now, let’s get to know each of these great new products a bit better.

GorillaPod Micro 250!

GorillaPod Micro 250 is the solution to all of your forgotten tripod woes. Tiny but mighty, the GorillaPod Micro 250 is the first always-on tripod that offers the stability, range of movement and versatility of full-size supports. With GorillaPod Micro, you have a durable tripod when you need it, and a lightweight, always-on tripod for when you don’t. Elegantly concealed beneath the base of the camera, the sleek form is convenient to carry and easily fits in any camera case or pocket. The aluminum and zinc alloy construction is engineered for dependable stability, quick deployment and precise ball positioning. Plus, rubber grips provide rock-solid footing on any surface. Now you can capture crisp low-light landscapes, join group portraits and record time-lapse party scenes, wherever your adventures take you.

GorillaPod Micro 800!


Picture perfect photos, without the extra baggage! GorillaPod Micro 250’s bigger brother, GorillaPod Micro 800 is designed with compact system cameras in mind. Durable enough to support the extra weight and power of your hybrid camera but still sleek enough to fit into your pocket or camera case, GorillaPod Micro 800 is the perfect on-the-go solution to your photography needs.

GorillaPod Hybrid! 


Everyone’s favorite flexible, wrappable legs meet precise ballhead positioning for your compact system camera or hybrid camera. The perfect companion for your CSC, the GorillaPod Hybrid is the most versatile, portable tripod out there. Its rock-solid stabilization and precise ballhead positioning allow you to capture professional-quality images without the size and weight of a traditional tripod system. Whether you’re staging a last-second street portrait, shooting time-lapse photos, or recording shake-free video, GorillaPod Hybrid lets you unleash the power of your hybrid camera.

Our press release detailing the product launch of GorillaPod Micro 250, GorillaPod Micro 800 and GorillaPod Hybrid can be found here.

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