Leveling Up Your Twitch Stream

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Live streaming on Twitch has become a very popular way for steamers to get noticed doing what they love. If you put enough effort, time, and quality into your streams with your one-of-a-kind personality, the goal of becoming a Twitch partner and having a solid fan base may be achievable.

To help on that journey, having the right lighting gear is a must and quite easy to set up based on your current budget. Let us walk you through a couple options that hopefully will fit your needs as a streamer. You can also watch our detailed video going through a couple super-effective options with JOBY products and Lightstream streaming software.

One Light Setup

If you’re on a tight budget, a one-light setup that shines a good light on your face is where you should start. Your typical bedroom light is usually not ideal as it’s not pointed at your face and doesn’t give enough light where you need it.

The Beamo Ring Light 12″ RangePod Smart Kit is a great package to start with that won’t break your bank. You can stand the RangePod Smart full size tripod on your office desk behind your monitors and mount the Beamo Ring Light 12″ easily on top as what is called a key light. Point the Ring Light towards your face and make sure to adjust the brightness and temperature to your liking.

Additionally, if you want to use an external camera, you can mount that easily on the Ring Light, using the provided cold shoe adapter.

Two Light Setup

If you want to take your one light setup up a level, it’s as simple as adding what is called a fill light to brighten the opposite side of your face from the key light. You can use a Beamo or Beamo Mini LED light mounted on a TelePod Mobile

and place it directly on your desk or on top of something raised like your desktop PC so it’s high above shining down towards your face.

To keep your Beamo Mini shining, you can plug it directly into an outlet with any USB-A to USB-C cable cord.

Three Light Setup

To fully invest in great lighting for your stream, adding background ambient lights really will take your stream to the next level. Based on what you have placed in your background, a bookcase, shelves, etc. you can add color with any of the various RGB lights in fun ways. You can use string/tape LED lights and stick them over or under shelves or along your walls to create a nice look. An RGB light pointed at your wall behind you can change your boring white wall into any color you want to match your stream. Check out our video for some great ideas.

Live Stream Software: Lightstream

And to give your stream a final touch of quality, use live stream software like Lightstream so you can add text, graphics, and audio all with an easy-to-use interface to give your stream a more professional and impactful touch. You can add things like your handle, additional camera feeds, background music to spice up your stream.

Lightstream is powered by the cloud so everything you set up is saved and accessible from anywhere you go, no download needed. You can personalize your Twitch streams from your PC, console streams from your Xbox and Playstation, and Facebook and YouTube live streams.

How to Take Solo Travel Photos With Your Phone – 7 Simple Steps!

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The cutest travel and food YouTube Channel and #JOBYAmbassadors Cup of TJ is here to help you solo travelers. Here’s 7 simple steps to take solo photos with just your phone and the TelePod.

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