Friday Finds: Photography that makes you think and the GorillaPod – the Outdoorsman’s Best Friend

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Happy Friday Creactives!

Today, I stumbled across this intriguing image with  a scary JOBY GorillaPod plus camera peering ominously over fright-filled cigarettes. The story behind the image is even more arresting as it is by a  Spanish photographer, J. Tiogran Solana who recently quit smoking and used the money he saved from not smoking to buy himself a camera. The cigarettes are there to help celebrate his one year anniversary with the his camera.

The Attack of the Tobacco Killer Camera

Two fun videos appeared this week embracing outdoor adventures. The first is a video of a clear love affair with  a Cannondale bike captured with a GorillaPod SLR Zoom.

Cannondale Bad Boy 2010 Hybrid from Tony Slater on Vimeo.

The second, makes me want to hit the slopes as the film captures the child-like grin you get while skiing…and the inevitable fall that comes when you are filming yourself doing it.

2011-02-23 FILE0010 Brighton Snowshoe Veljko and Devin Ski Pole Cam from Veljko Roskar on Vimeo.

Continuing to attract attention for it’s unique look and ergonomically-empowered  positions, the GorillaMobile Ori for iPad had a few strong write ups this week in iPhone Life Magazine and MacStories.

Great opening paragraph in the MacStories article:

For those still holding onto the original iPad, have you ever thought about stepping your game up when it comes watching a family movie or utilizing the iPad as a bookstand? That folio case you have isn’t going to elevate the iPad above those popcorn jaws, and you certainly aren’t going to get a stable viewing angle on a leather cover as you tap through a recipe book. Even with a slew of gadgets and arms, the iPad is only as flat as its case. JOBY will help your iPad avoid disaster with a product that’s quite transformative.

Happy Valentine’s Day from JOBY

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Well, the day that many people love and perhaps even more people dread has arrived.  To celebrate the simple and beautiful core of the holiday (and not the hallmark or the snide consumerism), I offer up these two lovely odes to love.

As a lover of modern dance, the lyrcisim and amazing lines of this first piece is just gorgeous. Without a clear plot and with a song that  can be both uplifting and sad depending on the listener, “The Thought of You” is a must see.

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

The begining of this Valentine’s movie is a little odd, but as it progresses the stop motion is tender and sweet (ok and maybe a little sachrine), but fun just the same.

As you can probably tell from the selection, I am a wee bit of a romantic.  So with that in mind, Happy Valentine’s Day from JOBY.

Friday Finds: Stop Motion Videos and Gorillatorch Blade Shout Outs

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Hello Creactives,

It is still Friday…really… and somewhere in the Pacific it is the middle of the day, so it must be time for Friday Finds.

We have some absolutely fantastic stop motion videos this week.  Executed,  of course, with a Gorillapod. The first one has a lovely twist about halfway through and is beautifully rendered with a touch of whimsy.

Pensées Effeuillées from Aziz Oulhiyane on Vimeo.

The second is another stop-motion film utilizing Legos and humor.

Gorillatorch Blade Takes Aim

It’s been quite a debut for Gorillatorch Blade, with Wired’s claims that it is “tough enough to kill Vampires,” Mashable‘s correct assertion that “it cuts through the darkness,” and Engadget‘s claim that it  is slim.

But before that, we had this great write-up in the Wall Street Journal’s The Fixer column for the Gorillapod. Making it even more appealing, it came with a clever title, “Me, Myself (My Thumb, My Arm) and My Camera.”

Friday Finds: Sock Photography, a Large Gorillatorch and a Mini Car

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Happy Friday Creactives,

Having spent this morning freezing on the Golden Gate Bridge (you’ll find out soon enough why). This tender ode to socks really captured my fancy. Shot with Nikon and Gorillapod SLR Zoom and Ballhead as part of a 365 project, exhibits a gentle journey in reverse motion.

Gorillatorch Goes Big

This lovely juxtaposition of a larger than life Gorillatorch with an adorable car, comes to us care of Automechanika, a major automotive tradeshow in Frankfurt, Germany.  Probably not the best for aerodynamics, but definitely good for finding your way in the dark.

Friday Finds: Inc 5000, Alternative Perspectives and Photography Contests

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Hello Creactives,

Thanks to a lovely 3 day weekend last week, Friday has arrived sooner than usual. Joby has been blazing trails for a handful of years now and we were thrilled to find out that our hard work has paid off! Joby came in at #924 in Inc.’s list of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in America ( I like to say we were in the Inc 1,000).

Alternative Perspectives

I spotted another lovely view from the top this week with this interesting mix of acrobatics, a Gorillapod and the London Underground. It took me a little bit to figure out that this guy is actually hanging upside down from the ceiling. The combination of the devilish grin and the “time to die nerd-boy!” t-shirt make this photo particularly hilarious.

Some days the tube rides you.

In a slightly darker frame of mind, this “War of the Worlds” poster, further explores the wonders of Gorillapods and legos. A sweet combination if I ever saw one. The dramatic red background with the ominous silhouette of the camera mounted Gorillapod makes for an amazingly human-like feeling. Too bad it looks like the Gorillapod is just as likely to eat as to talk to the lego.


Photography Contests

Joby is pleased to be sponsoring  two fantastic photography contests.

The first is the great concept called the  Vancouver 12×12 which is a 35mm film photography contest where contests receive marked rolls of film with only 12 exposures. At the top of every hour, for 12 hours, a new theme is randomly drawn. Contest are then charged with finding photos that interpret and capture the theme in one single exposure.  Find out more about 12X12.

The second allows you to participate by both entering and voting, so get to it! In it’s first year, Lux’s panel  of serious judges help lend professionalism to a great photography contest.  With judging in 4 categories; The Natural World, Bodies in Motion, The Urban Landscape and Universal Faces the competition has mass appeal and some top notch images. Entries Deadline is September 30th, so be sure to check it out.

Obsessing Over Things That Are Not In Photoshop

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Maybe it is a new form of back to basics, with actors doing their own stunts, models with moles and performers actually singing at live concerts.  But, the trend towards making it super clear that the items are not done in Photoshop reached a new high (or maybe low today) with the amazing Darth Vader on a Chipmunk video on Gizmodo. Thank goodness they clarified, I was worried about multiple sleepless nights trying to figure this one out. That being said- it is pretty cool, real or not.

DIY with iPhone 4 – How to Build a Steadicam

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Hello mechanically minded photographers out there!  Here is a fun weekend project, easily explained and with some very impressive results. This step by step approach to building a Steadicam is super informative, easy to follow…of course doing it might be a whole other ball of wax.  As always, be careful when handling heat and pvc piping. Yep, Mom was right about playing with fire.

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