Mark of Gold Hat Photography, shares his experience using his GorillaPod 5K effectively during wedding shoots.


I’ve been a wedding photographer for around 6 years and have been fortunate enough to shoot all over the world.

When I travel, it’s important for me to pack light and only carry one bag.

Not only am I able to breeze through customs with my camera backpack on my shoulders, but having my precious gear near to me at all times greatly reduces the possibility of something going missing – lost luggage would be a disaster!

When packing light, I need to be able to justify every item of gear. Bulky items such as full-sized tripods or light stands are a definite no-no, and everything needs to be as light as possible.

The whole mirrorless vs DSLR camera debate is getting a little tedious, but one thing’s for sure – shooting with smaller mirrorless bodies/lenses has definitely enabled me to reduce the overall size/weight of my camera gear.

In addition, products like the Joby GorillaPod 5k which serve multiple purposes have allowed me to create images that would have been difficult otherwise… at least, without enlisting the help of an assistant.

Most photographers think of GorillaPods as devices to support cameras – I prefer to use mine to attach lights in obscure places.

In the image below taken at a destination wedding in Montreal, the GorillaPod is supporting an LED light panel, which I attached to a wooden post directly behind the subjects.

(See this GorillaPod guide for more examples of what you can attach to our bendy 3-legged friends!)

Being able to quickly illuminate a subject from any angle, in any location, makes the GorillaPod + light an essential tool in my wedding photography arsenal… and rightfully deserves its place in my tightly packed travel bag 🙂

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