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JOBY Instagram Spotlight | featuring @nikitabmxgirl

This month we’re featuring Nikita Ducarroz. We all follow people who just make us laugh, entertain us, or whom we just admire. Nikita is one of those people whom doesn’t take herself seriously even though she’s seriously talented. As one of the only females in the world who can backflip a BMX bike her Instagram feed is full of action, spills, and a behind the scenes look at the making of a pro at the start of her career. Follow @nikitabmxgirl today and add some excitement and silliness to your day.

Nikita Ducarroz  |  Age: 19  |  @nikitabmxgirl  |

Northern California

What gear do you use?

MOBILE: iPhone 6

ACCESSORIES: Olloclip Lenses, JOBY GripTight GorillaPod


When did you start taking photos?

Around 8th grade when I got my first iPhone was when I started playing around with photos and documenting things.

Why did you start taking photos?

It’s just fun for me! I like capturing things, I like having photos to look back on, so many reasons!



When did you join Instagram and why did you join?

Even being as into social media as I am, I failed to see the benefit of Instagram in the beginning.  But once I joined (I think it was around 2013) I realized how great of a marketing tool it was.  I might not have found JOBY if not for instagram! It allows me to connect with many people in and around the BMX industry, share photos of my adventures, see what everyone else is up to, and get creative!  It’s definitely an amazing and extremely fun tool to have, and my favorite social media site today.  

What is your favorite image you’ve posted to Instagram and why?

Oh man, that’s a hard one!  Each of my instagram images reminds me of something fun I was able to do, or someone cool I was able to meet.  I’ll pick this one for now, since it basically sums up my instagram and what my life revolves around, my bike.  I shot this while filming for my edit, right as we were wrapping up.  It’s one of my favorite places that we filmed at, and always looked really cool in the evening.


What do you use the most, DSLR or Smartphone?

Definitely smartphone.  I actually don’t even have a DSLR at the moment, as mine was stolen, but even if I did, I still use my phone a lot more, just because it’s always handy in my pocket.

Are there any photo apps you recommend?

My collection of apps that I keep handy for instagram includes Instasize, Snapseed, Colorsplash, VSCOcam, and HiCollage.


Are you a professional photographer or hobbyist?

Ha! Definitely not professional.  I don’t even think I could consider myself a photographer, I just like to take pictures!

Do you attend or have you attended photography workshops, classes etc?

This semester I did take Digital Photography in College.  That’s about it.  I still am confused when it comes to all the camera settings.


What’s your day job?

College student, BMX Athlete, and I also do various jobs at a Social Business Agency.

Do you carry a camera daily? Which one?

Yes my iPhone 6.


Which fellow instagrammer do you admire the most?

Another hard one! So many amazing instagrammers out there.  I do really love my buddy Danny Josa’s photos.  He’s a professional BMXer from Hungary, and his instagram just screams “adventure”.  SO many cool shots, and it really makes you want to go out and explore!  Check him out at @dannyjosa!


Any advice to those staring out?

If you think something looks fun, try it!  Don’t let other’s stop you from pursuing what you love.

Nikita’s Instagram feed is full of fun images, but be sure to check out her crash & stunt clips as well…they’re worth it! 🙂


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