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This month we’re featuring professional photographer Aurora Lampson. Sometimes photography finds us. With Aurora photography found her and flourished as she documented the daily joy of being a new mother. Soon photography became her passion. It would be hard to find a day, yet a moment when her camera isn’t hanging from a strap on her shoulder ready to go. More and more she began to receive request for photo sessions and before she knew it she was working as a full time photographer. Sometimes photography finds us and never lets go.

Aurora Lampson |  Age: 37   |  California, USA




What type of professional photographer are you?

I primarily photograph children and families.  My passion is children though.  Kids change so quickly and being able to capture them as they are at this very moment goofy faces and all is pretty cool!  I also consider myself my family’s photo journalist.  The number of photos that I have of my daughter from about 1 year old to now (she is 6) is ridiculously large.

Aurora Lens Daisy 13

Your Gear ­- What gear do you use regularly?

I shoot with my 5D MKIII and love, love, love my 85mm f/1.2.  This is my go to portrait lens and my favorite lens.  I also enjoy using my 35mm f/1.4.  I have nicknamed it my storyteller.  You can get up close and personal but also take a few steps back to capture the story you are trying to tell.  It is also fun to get shots of wee ones up close.  The distortion adds to the silliness of the photos at times.

Aurora Gear

What would be your dream photography job?

Not really sure!  Something with kids for sure.  Perhaps some editorial work with wee ones.


Why did you become a professional photographer and when did you know you wanted to be one?

I started professionally in 2012. It sort of just happened.  I’m sure many photographers who are moms just wanted to take better photographs of their kids like I did.  Little did I know it would become this!

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Did you study photography?

I did!  I read the Canon 5D MkIII manual even before I purchased it.  I studied online and continue to grow my craft with online classes plus lots and lots of reading and experimenting.

Do you carry a camera with you daily when not working?

My camera is like my third arm.  Of course my camera on my phone is always with me but I prefer to use my DSLR.  I have no shame and will use my camera wherever I am!

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When you’re not shooting photos ­ you are?

A mom and a wife.  However since I always have my camera with me I’m never really not taking a photo.


If you couldn’t be a professional photographer you would be a?

Not sure, maybe a circus clown?  Honestly I was studying to be a marine biologist many years back.

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Have you ever dropped a lens? ­ Come on be honest!

Never (watch – now I will).

Aurora Lens Daisy 6

If you could only have only one lens for a year what would it be?

Canon 50mm f/1.2

Aurora Lens Daisy 9

Name a famous person living or dead whose photo you would wish you could take.

Ian Somerhalder.  He is incredibly easy on the eyes but I love his views on saving the earth and taking care of homeless animals.  I would love to have a visit with him and talk about those passions.  Maybe one day!  Hey Ian, have your people call me.

What’s the next piece of gear you’re going to get?

A new softbox or a Sony A7r.  Probably the cheaper of the two though.

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And finally what is the one thing you wish a professional photographer had told you before you became a professional photographer?

To never doubt your own art.  It comes from your heart and that is all that matters.

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