How to Effectively Organize Images on Your iPhone or iPad

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This month on the JOBY Blog, we’re all about iPhoneography. We think phonography is totally rad—three cheers for creative expression on the go! Plus, nothing beats a lightweight and decent camera that you always have with you.  We put our heads together with some other phone photography experts to bring you tips and tricks, awesome apps, video tutorials, and maybe even a contest or two. Stay tuned!

If you are like me, then your iPhone camera roll is a mess. Maybe it looks a little something like this …


… for miles and miles. And, whenever you want to share a photo with a friend, you have to scroll through thousands of photos searching for the right image. Maybe you find it, maybe you don’t.

Well lucky for you and I, Carlos Arrieta is here to make our lives easier! Carlos is a San Francisco-based photographer and photography instructor at RayKo Photo Center and in this video he shares how to easily and effectively organize images on our iPhone or iPad. With these tips and tricks, your messy photo stream will be gone forever! Watch the video below for instructions.


If you cannot see the video embed, you can watch the video on Vimeo here.

If you’re also based in the Bay Area and interested in learning more from Carlos or the other instructors at RayKo Photo Center, please visit RayKo’s website or follow them on Facebook.


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  • Heidi says:

    This post is a lifesaver! I love my new organized photo albums. 🙂

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  • Clint White says:

    Excellent info. thanks. I so have a question: once I save my photos in folders, is there a way to delete them from the camera roll?

  • Emily says:

    Yep, when you are in camera roll, select the arrow icon in the middle bottom tool bar. It will pull up the option to select photos by tapping and delete them. Cheers!

  • Laurel_stewart says:

    Trying to figure out the same. Haven’t seen a way to do it yet.

  • Dfree46 says:

    Where are the instructions???? Don’t see them.

  • Emily says:

    They are a video. It should load on the page automatically.

  • Gone2k9z says:

    Can’t see video ;-(

  • Sfanpeach says:

    i received an iPad for xmas and am totally frustrated by it after using picasa on my PC for years.  I can’t sequence the photos in the iPad.  I can’t easily organize them.  while you have shown us some tricks for doing it, it is so very cumbersome.  on my PC picasa program, i just click and drag a photo (or a bunch of photos)  to a new file (album).  i can edit in sequence without having to go back and try to select the next photo out of the tiny camera roll at the bottom of the screen.

    i don’t really understand the love affair w/ the iPad!

  • Piercingartisten says:

    Hello, thanks for great video, but is there any way to avoid folders, just get you pictures back to cameraroll folder, i only want one folder…. after backup for the pc it makes a lot of folders, i just want to move the pictures back in the camera folder.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Emily says:

    Hi, sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I haven’t experience this duplicate folder problem myself. Is there any sort of dialog box when you import your photos that asks about splitting the photos into events? That could be causing the problem. Also, have you tried looking to see if you have the different photo folders in the photos section of iTunes when you sync? Perhaps you can consolidate them there?

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    How to Effectively Organize Images on Your iPhone or iPad – Joby Blog…


    How to Effectively Organize Images on Your iPhone or iPad – Joby Blog…

  • More hints says:

    More hints…

    How to Effectively Organize Images on Your iPhone or iPad – Joby Blog…

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  • Olddoc says:

    Forget about this cumbersome mess and terrible programming from Apple engineers.
    Use Picasa for iPad.

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