JOBY | Peter Stathis Venture Collaboration Update

Dear friends,

First, we would like to thank you for your continued support of the JOBY | Peter Stathis Venture Collaboration.  As I wrote previously, on August 25th, JOBY was acquired by the DayMen Group, a market leader in photography and camera protection accessories. Unfortunately, based on new strategic direction, the Trapeze LED Table Light and Obus Indoor/Outdoor Light will no longer be launced by JOBY or the DayMen Group.

We deeply apologize for this change and will be working diligently with designer Peter Stathis to identify other ways to bring these amazing lights to market. We will provide further information as it becomes available. Please reach out to us at info[@]joby[dot]com if you have any questions regarding this change.

Again, we at JOBY are beyond grateful for the support of our customers and thank you for helping us build an amazing business over the past five years.



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