CineSkates: Smooth tracking video for your GorillaPod Focus

Justin Jensen at Cinetics had a problem: how do you move a video camera smoothly alongside its subject? How do you get those smooth, straight or circular tracking shots with something portable that you can position anywhere? So, he created an ingenious solution to go with the GorillaPod Focus: wheels!

Not just any wheels, but super-smooth wheels that only need a simple push or pull to get that seamless tracking shot you always wanted.

Or maybe you subscribe to the Spider Man school of filming?

Right now, Justin is using Kickstarter to fund his operations. If enough people commit to buying a set of CineSkates (you don’t pay unless the funding goal is met), he’ll be able to start production. So, if you’ve got a GorillaPod Focus and always wanted to use it for tracking shots, check out Justin’s video describing the story behind CineSkates (we’re already standing in line to get ours), and if you’re interested in getting some wheels for your Focus, visit his CineSkates Kickstarter page!


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