Friday Finds: Frame X Frame, Addicts and Enigmatic Films

Happy Friday Creactives!


So, Frame X Frame is off to the races and is meeting some awesome press and great downloads in the first week. Have you gotten your Frame X Frame on? Be sure to enter the Stop Motion Addict Contest – top prize is a Canon 7D – so bring your “A” game!

Want to find out more about the app? Read about it on Pop Photo


Heavily saturated and Zen Moment for your Friday:


Banc en miniatura?

And…now for some more odd views of the world…

Enigmatic Film Week

This intriguing film was launched this week with literally an army of GorillaPods. Don’t think I quite got what they were teasing..but the soundtrack keeps popping up all over the office as different people watch it.

Not really sure where this GorillaPod-filmed trailer is going, but the chase scene is pretty funny and oddly made us keep watching … might just be that kind of day.

Capsized from Irfan Ghani on Vimeo.


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