Happy Valentine’s Day from JOBY

Well, the day that many people love and perhaps even more people dread has arrived.  To celebrate the simple and beautiful core of the holiday (and not the hallmark or the snide consumerism), I offer up these two lovely odes to love.

As a lover of modern dance, the lyrcisim and amazing lines of this first piece is just gorgeous. Without a clear plot and with a song that  can be both uplifting and sad depending on the listener, “The Thought of You” is a must see.

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

The begining of this Valentine’s movie is a little odd, but as it progresses the stop motion is tender and sweet (ok and maybe a little sachrine), but fun just the same.

As you can probably tell from the selection, I am a wee bit of a romantic.  So with that in mind, Happy Valentine’s Day from JOBY.


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