Friday Finds: Holidays and Contests

By December 10, 2010Friday Find, Gorillapod, Press

Hello Creactives!

Well, it is hard to best the dancing wonders of Ellen. This week, JOBY continued to be declared the ultimate Christmas gift throughout the world with appearances on AOL’s Holiday Gift Guide, Techradar in the UK, What’s Your Tech in Canada, Tu Experto Movile in Spain, and Gizmodo Germany.

The contest season continues. Be sure to enter the MacWorld Photo contest (sponsored by JOBY) so that you can win some awesome JOBY prizes. If you are not quite the photographer, the Instructables will help you engage you inner DIY spirit with the Transform It contest. Even if you aren’t feeling the Martha or Bob Villa¬† power, be sure to check out the entries, some are quite entertaining.

Today marks the 10th day in our “Tis the Season” campaign. To participate, be sure to check out our Facebook page and tell us your favorite guilty singing pleasure.

And now, a little midday pick-me-up…what does it mean that my favorite part is the random appearance of the ladder?

Dancin’ On The Street from Tony Carretti on Vimeo.


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