DIY with iPhone 4 – How to Build a Steadicam

By July 29, 2010creactive, DIY

Hello mechanically minded photographers out there!  Here is a fun weekend project, easily explained and with some very impressive results. This step by step approach to building a Steadicam is super informative, easy to follow…of course doing it might be a whole other ball of wax.  As always, be careful when handling heat and pvc piping. Yep, Mom was right about playing with fire.


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  • Tim Barlow says:

    Wondering when you plan to release an iPhone 4 gorillapod. Will it be magnetic?

    Any (easy) way of turning a standard magnetic gorillapod into a holder for an iPhone 4?

  • Val says:

    Iphone 4 gets a great camera upgrade and Gorillapod is MIA!! C'mon guys, where's the new model??

  • Dar says:


  • Tim Barlow says:

    Come on guys, if you are going to have a blog, you need to engage with your customers.

  • eileenjoby says:

    Sorry for late reply – moderating system snafu. Gorillamobile for iPhone 4 is scheduled to be released this fall. Can't speak to the specifics, but we are excited about it.

    For adapting current magnetic legs to the iPhone 4 you could try attaching the adhesive clip or suction cup in the Gorillamobile Mobile Accessory Kit ( to your phone and use it with your Gorillapod Magnetic.

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