Maker Faire Outing – Dancing with Electricity and Shooting T-Shirts

By May 24, 2010creactive, Events

Yesterday was a lovely day for a stroll at the Bay Area Maker Faire. Sponsored by Make Magazine the Maker Faire is an eccentrically fun event filled with some very cool technological cutting edge inventions and some particularly odd ideas. Some definite themes for the event seemed to be vertically hanging your plants (my personal fave looked like a shoe rack) and there seemed to be an entire room designed to cause epileptic seizures.

The highlight of the day for us was the high tech wizardry meets some funny dance moves provided by ArcAttack. The Tesla Coils throw out huge electrical arcs of 1/2 million volt sparks and make an amazing amount of noise as the ArcAttack member clothed in a lightweight chain mail outfit does his thing to the music. It is very much Robin Hood meets Star Wars with a little Revenge of the Nerds thrown in for good merit.

Here is a fun shot we got while at the Maker Faire and to give you a fuller understanding a video of ArcAttack  in another venue.

And, in case you have been desperately seeking a better way  to give out t-shirts, Microsoft Robotics has you covered.


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