Friday Finds – Putting Together a Bed Time-Lapse, Best Gift for Tech Moms, Dreaming of Evenings in Mexico

Happy Friday Creactives!

Bed Making Gorillamobile and Gorillacam Style

Ahh, the joys of constructing – Ikea style. This time-lapse video taken with a Gorillamobile and Gorillacam is a study in what putting together an Ikea bed is supposed to be like. For the most part everything goes smoothly, he doesn’t spend hours the way I do hunting for tools which I happen to be sitting on.  Nevertheless the result is pretty entertaining, especially the headless wife inspecting the work at the end. Added bonus, the background music is sure to make you start doing a little dance at your desk…It’s tricky!

Best Gift for Tech Moms

To celebrate Mother’s Day WPIX, a local news affiliate  in New York, welcomed Rebecca Dogin, the Executive Editor from, to suggest great last minute gifts for moms. The Gorillapod Magnetic with its adorable wrapping legs and magnetic feet was selected as the Best Gift for Tech Moms. Our little guy was so embarrassed by the attention that  its feet turned red, but I think we’ll all get over it.

Playing it Oh-So-Cool

What do you Joby Gorillapods and George Clooney have in common? Other than being both so ruggedly handsome, of course. Apparently we are both hip enough to appear in the Weekender Version of Urban Daddy.

Pretty Pretty Time-lapse Sky

@andyhadfield makes me jealous with this perfect lapis blue evening sky with the help of a Gorillapod.


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