Friday Finds: Make the perfect weekend project, Gorillapod hitches a ride, Love is in the air, REI anniversary

Happy 3 Day Weekend Creactives!

What to MAKE this weekend

Our love for Make Magazine grew even more this week with the roll-out of their remote controlled camera. Able to receive a signal from up to 2 miles away, this do-it-yourself device is made by hacking together a simple digital camera and a walkie talkie. Of course, everything is better with a Gorillapod.

A Ride on the Wild Side with Gorillapod

While we don’t condone or suggest that you test this out  with your own camera and Gorillapod Magnetic, it does make for an amazing video.

Love is in the Air

Apparently, some Gorillapods know how to perch themselves just right to  inspire their own love songs.

Others, just have to show up. DISCLAIMER: If you are easily offended do NOT watch this video.

Celebrate with REI

It’s that time of year again, as part of it’s yearly anniversary sale (ironic how that happens), REI has given Joby a place front and center in the San Francisco store. Apologies for camera quality, apparently we didn’t have  enough cameras around to take a sharp picture:)


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