Friday Finds: Stop Motion Videos and Gorillatorch Blade Shout Outs

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Hello Creactives,

It is still Friday…really… and somewhere in the Pacific it is the middle of the day, so it must be time for Friday Finds.

We have some absolutely fantastic stop motion videos this week.  Executed,  of course, with a Gorillapod. The first one has a lovely twist about halfway through and is beautifully rendered with a touch of whimsy.

Pensées Effeuillées from Aziz Oulhiyane on Vimeo.

The second is another stop-motion film utilizing Legos and humor.

Gorillatorch Blade Takes Aim

It’s been quite a debut for Gorillatorch Blade, with Wired’s claims that it is “tough enough to kill Vampires,” Mashable‘s correct assertion that “it cuts through the darkness,” and Engadget‘s claim that it  is slim.

But before that, we had this great write-up in the Wall Street Journal’s The Fixer column for the Gorillapod. Making it even more appealing, it came with a clever title, “Me, Myself (My Thumb, My Arm) and My Camera.”

Friday Finds: Nature Calling, International Gorillapod Fans and What it Feels Like to be a Trombone

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Hello Creactives!

Nature Calling

This calming video shows some lovely  images of natures from the vantage point of a canine. Made by creating a steadicam out of a Gorillapod SLR Zoom and string, Etsu Ha claims to have created the cheapest steadicam.

Dog’s eyes the cheapest DIY Steadicam? from etsu ha on Vimeo.

This quiet video of sunrise by Eric Crowley is shot with a D90 and a Gorillapod and is a gentle view of the beginning of the day.

Sunrise from Eric Crowley on Vimeo.

International Press

Joby’s presence at Photokina last week (pictures to come shortly) was heralded by a number of foreign language press. Unfortunately, I cannot speak all of these languages but it is exciting to see some of the great International fans we have.

Starting with the Dutch….

Moving onto the French (I love it when cool technology like this 3D Camera is aided by a Gorillapod Focus and Ballhead 1 to get the job done right)…

And even some Vietnamese….

Adventures in Trombone Land

The inner music dork in me loved this little trombone, Flip HD and Gorillapod test. Not to mention that I was just making a fool of myself the other day trying to explain to my niece what a trombone was. This video would have come in handy for sure.

Friday Finds: Biking, Heavy Lifting and a Great Endorsement

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Hello Creactives,

Some fun video and photography this weeks in Friday finds. Plus, an awesome write-up in the Chicago Tribune. I mean, who doesn’t want a little bit of “portable sunshine” with the Gorillatorch Flare?

Bike Riding Through La Defense

I love the carefree feeling of this take on a biking with a Gorillapod heading through the outskirts of Paris.

Gorillapod as Cover Girl

The Gorillapod in the background looks like it is about to slink into something a little more comfortable.

224/365 - A Little Fuzzy on the Details

A New Take on the Holiday Roadtrip

John vs. the Minivan exhibits amazing feats of strength. I particularly like the need for somebody to survey the situation from below – or just take a minivan on the head.

John vs. The Minibus

What’s inside your bag?

Summing up the end of a 365/ 365 (365 photos in 365 days)  flickr photographer Aaron Miller shows off his stuff. Here’s what he had to say about his stash:

My workhorse camera was the Canon 50D and I’d highly recommend it to anyone thinking about getting one. Definitely did the job for me. But the camera that I think made the difference for me was the Canon S90, which I have mounted on a little Joby tripod to the right. I carried that thing with me EVERYWHERE (along with that little tripod) and it just does a great job of taking fully manual little pics. I can’t say enough about it.

So, what’s on this table?

Canon 50D
Canon S90
10-22 mm Canon Wide Angle lens
50 mm f1.8
100 mm Canon macro f2.8 L with IS
24-70 mm Canon f2.8 L
18-200 mm Canon zoom
430 EX flash
Yanguno flash
Yanguno wireless flash kit and wired trigger
Canon flash cord
Tamrac Expedition 3 camera bag
Joby gorillapod SLR zoom
Manfrotto 190CXPRO4 tripod with 322RC2 head
Flash stand with umbrella
Macbook Pro 15″ with Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS4, plus Photomatix for HDR processing

Friday Finds: Four Wheeled Adventures, Fun Photography and Press

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Hello Creactives,

To send you into the weekend with an adventuresome spirit, here are some great photos of ATVing from the company offsite a couple of weeks ago. Some people escaped unscathed and fortunately so did the camera gear.

Charging the Hills

One of the ATV Joby teams

Catching Air

Post ATV Break

Ashlee After a Graceful Dismount

Flickr Photos

And now for some slightly less frightening photos care of Flickr.

Chicago Skyline by Ken Snyder

Ekka, Brisbane

By far the most humorous image of the week…..

It Shrank by MisterPiggeh

Special props for inventive use of self-timer on the Gorillacam.

Friday Finds: Parkour, Flickr Favorites and Press

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Hello Creactives!

Friday is here, and the sun has finally appeared. We are literally wearing wool and suede here, in the not-so-summery San Francisco August.


While this theoretically could get a little repetitive there is something so ninja-cool about this video of swinging through windows. Captured with a Gorillapod Magnetic, it comes complete with post-activity grunts.

Flickr Fun

MI6 building under surveillance by Gorillapod SLR and an Olympus.

Given that downloads are disabled for these Gorillacam photos, I decided it best not to post on the blog. So, you’ll just have to see this priceless expression the old fashion way.

A Dabbling of Press

Scary that Autoblog seems to think that we are already in the “end-of-summer.” This guide helps prepare you for the ultimate summer road trip. Of course, hands-free, emergency-ready, Gorillatorch Flare is a must.

And why we are a little worried that it may go to its head, the Gorillatorch Flare was given the close to perfect rating of 9.5 our 10 on the I4U website.

Friday Finds: Cardiac Arrests, Hacks and Horsies

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Happy Friday Creactives!

Hanging From the Rafters

Making a defibrillator seem like a pleasant evening activity, this fun all-limbs in perspective of the drum cover of the Madness single ‘Cardiac Arrest’ is clearly enhanced by the Gorillapod mounted from the rafters.

Oh, The Things You Can Do With a Gorillapod

We love seeing innovative uses and not-as-intended uses of our products. The latest appeared on the Wired Gadget Lab Blog as a response to the search for the perfect iPad stand.  Love the action packed, alcohol infused description of what happened next.

I rushed to grab my trusty Joby Gorilla Mobile, pausing only to set down a bottle of cold German beer. Blinking as I moved out of the bright sun and into the cool dark interior of Gadget Lab’s Berlin outpost, I bent the jointed tripod into shape …

Ultimately, the adventure-seeking writer was able to come up with a trusty stand ready for his iPad consuming pleasure.
P.S. While we are on the subject of  iPad’s- Noah wants to make sure the world knows that the best stylus for your iPad is string cheese. Yes, we have a string cheese obsession at Joby.
Flickr Pool Photo of the Week

Just to introduce some other animal species to the mix. This week’s Flickr photo entitled Pony’s is by SigurDD.

Friday Finds: 360 Degrees of Time-Lapses, Egg-Timers and Self-Portraits

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Hello Creactives!

You Keep Me Spinning Round, Round, Round

A camera, a Gorillapod and a $4 egg timer combine to make the ultimate 360 degree time-lapse video.  Move over rotating restaurants,  this souped-up egg-timer is an accessible way to feel totally immersed in an activity or skyline.  Poised on top of a Gorillapod Focus, this great time-lapse video makes you feel like you are part of the conversation. For further details on how to recreate this awesome experience visit Philip Bloom’s Blog.

Vanity in the Eye of the Camera

This great New York Times piece by David Coleman titled “Me, Myself and iPhone- Mastering the Art of Taking Your Own Photo,” investigates the best way to take self-portraits in the digital age. Fueled by the increasing need to have pictures of ourselves online for work and pleasure, the self-portrait has become a must. Of course,  Gorillapods make the picture taking process more doable – or at least, so says the article.

Inspiring Skills

Check out this half and half pro. I don’t know how it is physically possibly that it doesn’t just end up as a big knot, but I guess that is where the skill lies. And, of course filmed with a Gorillapod.

Fight to the Death

Apparently, Mr. Dinosaur got creamed by Mr. Gorillatorch in a knock-down, drag out fight in the messy land of the design team’s desk.

Friday Finds: Riding & Filming the Waves in the Caribbean Sea, Road Trip Season Begins and Istanbul

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Riding & Filming the Waves

Adrenaline rush without the effort, yes it would be even better to actually participate. This cool film of windsurfing Lac Bay Bonaire in 2010 is captured with a Kodak ZX3 Playsport and a Gorillapod on a Tabou Rocket 105, JP Supersport 65 and 69 and the JP Funride 130 with Ezzy Freerider 4 sails. Ok,  that’s a lot of detail about the equipment, but it does make for a fun ride.

CNET Hits the Road

Daniel Terdiman, a reporter for CNET once again has started out on his yearly road trip where he explores technology and geekiness in different parts of the country. This year, all eyes are on the Eastern Seaboard as he heads off in his loaned out Porsche and his trunk full of goodies including, of course, a Gorillapod.

Here are more details about his trip:

CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman is back on the road again. This year, beginning June 24, he’ll be driving a car loaded down with tech gear thousands of miles up and down the East Coast, searching for the most interesting spots for technology, military, research and development, naval shipbuilding, and more. He’ll begin at a NASA facility in Virginia, hit induction day at the Naval Academy, watch paper money get made in Washington D.C., and coins get made in Philadelphia, and see how the famous PostSecret project comes together. Come along for the ride, all without leaving your computer.

Istanbul’s Blue Mosque Time-Lapse

As a co-worker lamely (shhh…don’t tell him I said that) stated while looking over my shoulder, “those people sure are walking fast.”  This gorgeously shot footage of  Istanbul by day and night was shot with a Nikon D3 and Gorillapod Focus. You can find out more about the set-up for the  time-lapse video on Richard Peters’ Photography blog.

A Little Press

Miami Herald: Travel Tech-Savvy This Summer

Outdoor Photography: Ballhead X Review

Friday Finds: Joby Gorillapod Pumps House Music, Gorillamobile Takes to the Skies and Gorillatorch Lights Up the Press

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Hello Creactives!

Let’s Get This Party Started

A reliable source tells me this is an awesome track by Swedish House Mafia. While this may not be the best version of it, the Joby Gorillapod walk-on roll is stellar.

Engadget admires Gorillapod Focus and Ballhead X Strength and Flexibility

Yes, it does sound like the Gorillapod is moonlighting as a gymnast, but the review of the super sturdy flexible tripod and ballhead is all good. Check out the Engadget review of the Gorillapod Focus and Ballhead X.

High Flying

Another smart use of the Gorillamobile takes places many feet up in the air, this enhanced cockpit makes for some friendlier – or at least more easily navigable skies. Thanks@egid for the photo!

Joby Gorillapod Tip

This short and sweet Gorillapod tip can be really useful when filming indoors (or at the very least close to a door). The basic premise of this tip, is to use the natural swing and smoothness of a door on its hinges to  pan a space easily and fluidly for filming or taking time-lapse photos.

Flickr Gorillapod Love  Favorite Recent Photo

[Annabanana] recently upload a number of beautiful long exposure night shots of London. The vibrant streams of light captured using her Nikon D40, Nikkor AFS DX 18-55mmF/3.5-5.6G II lens and of course a Gorillapod SLR Zoom brings new life to a familiar view of the London night sky. I particularly enjoy the ghosting of the man in the red parka on the right and the point in the distance where the beams of light begin to curve against the Parliamentary Buildings.

Best of Gorillapod Love Flickr Pool

Gorillatorch is Hot for Father’s Day

So, you have less than 3 days to get your act together for Father’s Day and according to many sources, one of the best gift for father’s day is the Gorillatorch and the Gorillatorch Flare. On Wednesday, we were featured as part of the “Best Father’s Day Ever.”  The quality of the video is imperfect but the Gorillatorch does shine (sorry had to go there).

Friday Finds: Gorillatorch Flare Reveals Itself and Gets Some Bling

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Hello Creactives!

Gorillatorch Flare Launch

Clearly the big news this week was the lively launch of … Gorillatorch Flare. What you were thinking of another (to be remain unnamed) product launch? Gorillatorch Flare has been lighting up the press and we are excited to have this super high-quality light in our array.  Perhaps the most hilarious press hit this week was a piece in Wired that may (just maybe) have taken the “red light” analogy a  little far. Then again, as someone who grew up listening to the Police, it is a pretty catchy turn of phrase (although perhaps not in the mouth of a 8 year old).

In addition, Gorillatorch Flare was awarded a great piece of bling! The newest kid on the block was selected as a Hot Pick in this year’s 2010 Digital Life Expo in Australia.

Gorillapod Focus meets Miami Vice

Bow-chicka-bow-bow.   This week Photography Bay, who recently came up with the awesome idea to drive around the a Gorillapod Magnetic attached to their car, returns with this excellent review, showing off some of the wonders of the  Gorillapod Focus and Ballhead X combination.

Dad in his Natural Habitat

As a friendly reminder – Father’s day is coming soon and time is running out to take advantage of Free Shipping on and to enter the Dad in his Natural Habitat Photo Contest. Enjoy!

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