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Friday Finds: Gorillacam – now appearing in books, Medieval towns and Grocery Store Face Plants

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Happy Friday!

We were pleased to find out this week, that our enormously popular iPhone app, Gorillacam,  has been featured in not just one, but two different books.  How to Create iPhone  Photos by Allan Hoffman and iPhone Obsessed by Dan Marcolina both show off the Gorillacam app but the latter also features the lovely GorillaMobile for iPhone 4.

This beautiful film about Medieval Walls in Ferrara Italy by Giorgio Fochesato is shot in black and white and is an eerily beautiful vision of a UNESCO Heritage site.

The GorillaMobile Yogi won some new fans this week, due to it’s playful adaptability.  In iLounge, the “highly recommended” Yogi, was praised  for being “as close to truly great as any such accessory has come for the first-generation iPad.”  On the other side of the pond both GorillaMobile Yogi and GorillaMobile Ori were reviewed by CNET.

And to leave on a humorous note…and how I felt at times this week:

Outtake (365/60) FDT

Friday Finds: Nice People, Carrots and iPad Case + Stand Reviews

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Hello Creactives,

This week has been very meeting filled, so I am actually looking forward to the bizarrely cold weather that appears to be coming our way.  I don’t believe it, but the weather gods of the iPhone claim that it will somehow be snowing with a  low of 36 degrees today. Looking out the window it is sunny – there does seem to be a disconnect here.

I love the title of this book, ” Do Carrots Make Nice People?” I am glad they clarified the species, because otherwise it would imply that rabbits are the nicest of all. To date, I just haven’t found that to be the case.
42/365 - Do Carrots Make Nice People?


In the meantime, this week we received great press for our newest additions to the product line – the GorillaMobile Ori and the GorillaMobile Yogi.  CNET did a great hands on review of the GorillaMobile Ori and the GorillaMobile Yogi for iPad – Kama Sutra references and all.

In a much more family-friendly take on the GorillaMobile Yogi for iPad, the Dallas Morning News, highlighted the multiple positions of the Yogi.

Friday Finds: GorillaPod dances into the 80’s and Fun Customer Feedback

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Happy Friday!

The Friday before a long weekend here in the States, how lovely. My dance-loving-mood continues this week with a 80’s inspired groove fest with a dancing GorillaPod by Justin Bolduc Turpin.

GorillaDance from Justin Bolduc Turpin on Vimeo.

Feeling the need to travel, but not quite ready to pay for a ticket to Barcelona? David Kenny stitched together a series of lovely time lapse videos from a trip.

Barcelona, Spain portrayed through timelapses. from David Kenny on Vimeo.

This week we had two amazing stories sent into customer service.

The first comes from Australia, here’s what Lance Royce had to say:

“I live in Cairns Queensland Australia and in the aftermath of the Cyclone this month we lost power for almost four days.  We had a gas stove to cook on, but no clean light to see what we were cooking, so I got my Gorillatorch and attached it to the metal range hood (see attached pic’s).  We also used it to light up our living room by pointing the Gorillatorch on the white ceiling giving us a brighter area to help read and see better.

Thank you Joby for a fantastic, practical and useful product.”

Another customer, came up with a great new use for the GorillaMobile Ori – the workout.

I love the rainbow effect of the store aisles from the long exposure photo shot using a GorillaPod attached to a shopping cart by Dr Syntax.


And now for some valentine’s lovin’…

The GorillaPod video made the top Valentine’s picks for US Magazine.

Not to be forgotten, the GorillaPod Focus got a great write-up by Layers Magazine.

Friday Finds: Photography with Fimo Characters, Time-Lapse Photography and Yogi press

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Hello Creactives,

Welcome to Friday and hopefully the start of a lovely weekend. This first  image is absolutely adorable at first glance…although it becomes a little more sinister as you take a deeper look. These precious fimo characters seem to be having a jolly good time at play with hearts and love in the garden. But then there seems to be a pile of (dare-I -say-it) poop next to them. And, the GorillaPod monster does look like it is about to feast on the cute little bunnies. Maybe the carrot will be saved by the bunnies –  clearly they  are way more interested in each other than the whole idea of eating.

Carrot - fimo version

I love the lighting in this beautiful study of childhood and well sharpened colored pencils by Stefan Bassman.

"Buntstifte" – Projekt 365 – Tag 37

Not sure if this was shot with a GorillaPod or not, but it is interesting and so I thought it was worth including. This video is a compilation of time-lapse videos shot from hotel room windows over the course of a year by Phillip Bloom. It is an interesting way to look back on a year. I think if I were to do it for last year, it would include a few slightly less picturesque views of air shafts and alleys.

Finally, a great write-up of the GorillaMobile Yogi on Gear Diary. I am not so clear, why you would want to wear the Yogi as a necklace, but I am eager to find out more.  This use on the other hand would come in very handy.

Friday Finds: Stop Motion Video Dreaming

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Hello Creactives!

Friday has come and it is absolutely fabulous weather here in San Francisco which make us all anxious for a weekend full of running, skiing and who knows what else. This week I stumbled across some intriguing stop motion videos all created with the help of a GorillaPod.  The first is just cool from a construction point of you as it allows you to watch the multi-day construction process required to put together the Technicolor booth for CES. The second is a beautiful ode to the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia Spain. In this well scored piece, the imagery is just gorgeous. My favorite parts are watching the random cleaning of the pool reminding me of some aqua-aerobics classes which I  may have enjoyed.

Technicolor CES 2011 Booth Construction Time Lapse from Alan Amato on Vimeo.

timelapse Ciutat de les Arts i de les Ciències from Jordi Ferrer on Vimeo.

Friday Finds: GorillaMobile Ori and Yogi for iPad take off

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Hello Creactives!

Last week at CES, we launched two incredibly different iPad products. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones excited by our creations.  The GorillaMobile Ori won best in show for Beatweek Magazine. Notcot didn’t only love our product they also marvelled at our booth and the origami that we used in both our stop motion videos and to draw attention to our new products. This great in depth piece covers our partnership with Origami master Robert Lang who not only created a sculptural element for the booth, but also crafted amazing origami for our stop motion video to help launch GorillaMobile Ori for iPad.

And now for just a few of the highlights:

Wired covers the Ori: JOBY’s iPad Case and Stand Folds Like and Origami Puzzle

Crunch Gear has a playful approach to their coverage of both the Ori and the Yogi: JOBY comes out with iPad Accessories

CNET calls the Yogi Knobby: CES: JOBY offers iPad cases: One sleek, one knobby

Gizmodo showed the Yogi some love: The GorillaMobile Yogi Will Twist and Bend to Hold Your iPad Just How You Like It

Engadget showcased Scott speaking about both of our products: JOBY Ori and Yogi iPad cases hands-on

Friday Finds: GorillaPod is in the Center of Major World Events, a Clever Film and Last Minute Gift Ideas

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Happy Friday!

What an interesting surprise for us this week when,  the cover of the International Herald Tribune came out with the newly released Burmese Democracy Activist, Aung San Suu Kyi and a yellow original GorillaPod.

This clever film, shot mostly from the biker’s viewpoint is a pleasant way to ease into the weekend. Watch and you’ll understand the title…

‘Sport makes you younger’ by Alfredo García from ArboreScentia on Vimeo.

With Christmas less than a week away, last minute gift guides are still coming out. Some of my personal favorites are this article in Budget Travel highlighting the GorillaMobile for iPhone 4 and Wired’s Geek Dad Holiday Gift Guy with the GorillaTorch Flare. It’s not often we get paired up with Bacon Wallets and Lego Harry Party. 

Friday Finds: Holidays and Contests

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Hello Creactives!

Well, it is hard to best the dancing wonders of Ellen. This week, JOBY continued to be declared the ultimate Christmas gift throughout the world with appearances on AOL’s Holiday Gift Guide, Techradar in the UK, What’s Your Tech in Canada, Tu Experto Movile in Spain, and Gizmodo Germany.

The contest season continues. Be sure to enter the MacWorld Photo contest (sponsored by JOBY) so that you can win some awesome JOBY prizes. If you are not quite the photographer, the Instructables will help you engage you inner DIY spirit with the Transform It contest. Even if you aren’t feeling the Martha or Bob Villa  power, be sure to check out the entries, some are quite entertaining.

Today marks the 10th day in our “Tis the Season” campaign. To participate, be sure to check out our Facebook page and tell us your favorite guilty singing pleasure.

And now, a little midday pick-me-up…what does it mean that my favorite part is the random appearance of the ladder?

Dancin’ On The Street from Tony Carretti on Vimeo.

Friday Finds: ‘Tis the Season, Macworld Contest and Gift Guides Continue

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Welcome to December!

There is a clear chill in the air and to say that some of us have been under the weather is an understatement. Not to fear! December brings fun contests, beautiful images of snow and more holiday gift guides to make us all rejoice.

‘Tis the Season

This week we launched a campaign via email, twitter and facebook. Each day highlights a new offer or chance to win some amazing JOBY prizes. So be sure to follow us to make sure you stay in-the-know.

For today,  ‘Tis the Season to Explore – you can win a an Outdoor Adventurer Bundle complete with a GorillaTorch Switchback and a GorillaPod SLR-Zoom plus Ballhead by posting your best adventure shot on In the Wild.

Still feeling that competitive spirit? Macworld has unveiled their latest photography contest today and we  are thrilled to be the sponsors. The low light contest is designed for all types of cameras from iPhones to DSLRs. We can’t wait to see the entries!

On a more festive and quieter note, I stumbled across this HDR photo shot on a GorillaPod SLR Zoom in Austria, and had to share.

Kirche und Schnee

And now, some gift guide round ups. We seem to be showing up everywhere this season, here is just a sampling of some of JOBY product’s recent appearances.

Cool Hunting honored JOBY with multiple appearances in their Holiday Gift Guide. Under the lovely umbrella of “Neat Stuff” Engadget declared both the GorillaTorch Switchback and the GorillaTorch Blade winners for holiday shopping lists. Smarter Travel declared the GorillaMobile a must-have for the savvy traveler. And, if you happen to be traveling on American Airlines this holiday season, you will be able to see a friendly companion in the American Way magazine.

Friday Finds: GDGT Photos, Gift Guides and the Day in Life of a Bicycle

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Happy Friday!

We are gearing up for a very exciting holiday season at JOBY. Besides the normal work stuff, recipes are being discussed, travel plans are being arranged and the desserts keeps piling in.

In advance of the holidays, the gift guides keep pouring in. This week Wired ranked the Gorillatorch Switchback #2 in their December 100 Things We Want. Videomaker kicked off their gift guide with the JOBY GorillaPod Focus with Ballhead X as the ultimate gift for the video producer. In addition,  Gizmodo officially gave the GorillaTorch Blade, their seal of approval.


Last week, JOBY was happy to be part of GDGT goodness held at the Galleria in San Francisco. We discovered many things, must notably, people LOVE magnets. Here are some not-so-fabulous pics of the event set up. Thanks to our design team for helping out and to the one person who was cool enough to fully embrace the dork factor of a  headlamp in a packed group of people.

And, finally a lovely trip to the Netherlands with this short movie entitled “A Day in the Life of a Bicycle” by Jeroen Klogieters.

A day in the life of a Bicycle [SHORT FILM] from jeroen Klokgieters on Vimeo.