If you are a geek at heart like many of us at the office, you may have come across the magical world of toy photography on Instagram. Photographers will take action figures from your favorite movies and tv shows like Star Wars, Marvel, and Game of Thrones, and pose them in such a way that they come to life with the help of some special effects.

#JOBYAmbassador @plasticaction has created some stunning toy photograph photos and has some great tips to share if you want in on the action. Read on.

If any of you are interested in diving into the world of toy photography, I highly suggest some sort of tripod and remote shutter release for your camera. For almost every shoot I use my GorillaPod along with a remote shutter release because I need to have at least one hand free to execute an effect (wind, explosion, or weather).

My GorillaPod is absolutely necessary for not just this reason, but to keep the framing consistent. There are times in post production where I use multiple images and combine them into one so it is important that the camera does not move while I’m shooting multiple images. Here are some behind-the-scenes footage of some of my shoots. Check the hashtag #plasticactionBTS on Instagram for even more footage.

Hey all! Here's another #plasticactionBTS from my Batman post the other day. #BehindTheScenes #JOBYambassadors ————————————– Equipment and Settings -Fuji XT-1 -60mm f/2.4 macro -ISO 1000, f/2.4, 1/500 sec -@jobyinc #GorillaPod ————————————— Action Figure -SHfiguarts The Dark Knight courtesy @bluefinbrands @instamashii ————————————— Summary: This was a fairly simple setup and the final result didn't require too much processing. I used flashing lights to create a dramatic backlight to make Batman really stand out and create a jet engine type lighting effect coming from the back of the Batpod. Along with the light, I added dirt, dust and debris (via BAAM air blaster) to not only add extra motion to the shot, but to also soften and spread the harsh light. Motion blurs were added to the front tire and ground via Photoshop. Headlights were also added during post processing. The great thing about this Batman figure is the cape has wires for posing. I think the cape articulation ultimately sold the motion in the shot. Questions? Comments? Leave them here 👇🏻

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