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JOBY Labs | Steel Wool Photography

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JOBY Labs | Episode 1 | Steel Wool Photography

We are constantly inspired by our JOBY advocates on Instagram and after seeing some really amazing Steel Wool photos, like the ones below from @thebumonboard and @monodelespacio we decided to give it a go ourselves.

And so was born JOBY Labs. It’s a new video series where we tackle photography and video trends and explore the fun side of Photo & Video. Follow along as we learn, have fun, and get a bit crazy with our cameras.



JOBY Labs | Episode 1 | Steel Wool Photography

In this episode we see what it takes to burn steel wool, check out camera settings, and then kick it up a notch. How often do you see a 2ft. ball of steel wool on fire, much less throw a bunch of sparks at a firefighter?! And that’s not even the half of what we experienced. Be sure to watch the video for this and so much more!


Canon 5D mkIII | 16-35mm | f/2.8 | f220 | 8 second exposure | ISO 100


Canon 5D mkIII | 16-35mm | f/2.8 | f220 | 20 second exposure | ISO 100

Watch the full video on our YouTube page now!



Pro Spotlight – Petr Jan Juračka

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JOBY Pro Spotlight | 13 Questions for a Pro Photographer |Petr Jan Juračka

This month we’re featuring professional photographer Petr Jan Juračka. Petr is based near Prague and works as a scientist and photographer for Charles University. Over the last few years Petr has shared his images and love for JOBY products with us. Petr is a photographer that other photographers look up to. His work is awe inspiring and we’ve never received an image from Petr that didn’t have the whole office gathered around the screen to see it. Petr is also an avid GoPro and drone enthusiast. He was big into drones before they became the latest craze. When Petr post a YouTube video the footage looks on par with the promo videos GoPro produces. It’s safe to say we think Petr is an awesome photographer but even more so he’s become a great friend to several of the staff at JOBY.


Petr Jan Juračka  |  Age: 29, soon 30 ;­)  |  Prague, Czech Republic


Google Plus:čka




What type of professional photographer are you?

I have to ask myself, as I am not sure, what type I might be. It is quite complicated, as I am 3 days a week considered to be a scientist (Ecology: Hydrobiology) at Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic). Rest of the week I work as a photographer on the same place ­ I take pictures of the scientists, scientific experiments, animals… Most often I am using very special gear including various both light and electron microscopes, or radio controlled drones. During the weekends and free days I am leading landscape photography workshops, as well special macro & microphotography lectures. However, a major part of my work is free, and consists of personal photography and video projects…


Your Gear ­ What gear do you use regularly?

Yes, this is crucial for me. I cannot take an image of my gear, as these things are sputtered on multiple places over our country, and it is not possible to photo all these subjects in one room ­ some microscopes are too large ;­) So, maybe it is easiest to have a look in my bag, which is completely differently packed for every event ­ this is my favorite setup for a short walk with my daughter… ;­)

The most important parts of my gear are Nikon DSLRs (Nikon D610, Nikon D800, Nikon D300 and others), then lenses (the most favorite are 10.5/2.8, 14/2.8, 28/1.8, 50/1.8, 105/2.8, 180/2.8 and 300/2.8), tripods, camera slider, drones (FR1200, DJI F550), action cameras (GoPro 4), microscopes and tons of various accessories (external recording, grips, power supplies, cables, cards, bags etc.). Among those, Joby products are really the most favorite ones, as are quit handy and steady at the same time. I take into account to my photography gear also some climbing stuff, as this enables me to shoot from interesting perspectives. I love my work… ;­)


What would be your dream photography job?

I would like to make a really beautiful and extensive gallery of the nature as seen from above ­ from the drone. It would consist of the landscape structure shots, taken on various places of our planet. Just to show, how different the places of our Earth are. But this is whole­life project with a need of some really liberal financing ;­)


Why did you become a professional photographer and when did you know you wanted to be one?

Since my 11 I was trying to found, what is better: photography or the science? That is why I am still something between. I love photography and started as a pro in 2009. However, the scientific environment is somehow still around me.


Did you study photography?

Yes and no. I have never attended any photography school or courses. But…, my father is a professional artist and used to take me to the nature quite often when I was young. It was a hard school of life, as he is really hairsplitter and the differences between his profession (graphics) and mine are substantial. However, I think this gave me a lot.


Do you carry a camera with you daily when not working?

My gear weights about 70kg, so I have to choose very carefully what to give in the bag. When travelling to a job, I am used to have a pocket camera with me, my favorite Nikon Coolpix A. However, right now I am sitting in the train from my job and have any camera with me. So sad ;­)


When you’re not shooting photos ­ you are?

Probably editing shots, sleeping or typing my Ph.D. thesis ;­)


If you couldn’t be a professional photographer you would be a?

Professional painter, but I would die of hunger soon, as I cannot paint.


Have you ever dropped a lens? ­ Come on be honest!

So many! But all of them survived, even washing in the Caribbean, falling many meters in the Czech caves or dropping to the fine sand in Mongolia.


If you could only have only one lens for a year what would it be?

WOOOOW, this is a hard question! Probably 28/1.8, as I love the perspective, it is possible to use for landscape as well as human portrait with very shallow depth of field.


Name a famous person living or dead whose photo you would wish you could take.

This is easy ­ Michael Jackson. When young, I wanted to be his personal photographer! ;­)


The next piece of gear you’re going to buy is?

Today I bought TASCAM external recorder, tomorrow we are going to build a new DIY thing. I am going to love it ­ RC cable­cam! Yes, as I am going to Egypt, where the drones are forbidden, I am trying to bring some alternative ;­)


And finally what is the one thing you wish a professional photographer had told you before you became a professional photographer?








Instagram Spotlight – Omar Dean

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JOBY Instagram Spotlight | featuring @thebumonboard

Omar “O M A R” describes himself as an artist/ athlete/ adrenaline junkie on Instagram. One look at his page and you’ll see that he’s a guy who lives everyday to the fullest and does it with a smile. If ever we’re having a ho-hum day at JOBY we take a peak at Omar’s page to bring our spirits back up. Omar Dean another JOBY Advocate we’re proud to be associated with!

Omar Dean  |  Age: 31  |  @thebumonboard  |


What gear do you use?

MOBILE: iPhone 6

CAMERAS: Canon 60 D, Gopro Hero 4 Silver & Black

DRONES: DJI Phantom 2

ACCESSORIES: JOBY Action Gorillapod, Action Clamp & Locking Arm, GorillaPod Original, GorillaPod SLR-Zoom, Suction Cup & Locking Arm/ GorillaPod Arm, Action Grip, Action Adapter Kit, Hub Adapter, Jib Kit & Pole Pack, and Feiyu-tech G4 Gimbal Stabilizer.


When did you start taking photos?

About 5-6 years ago


Why did you start taking photos?

Back when EVERYONE use have/carry a point and shoot camera, my friends and I would go to things like live events to a night on the town. My buddies brother & I would stand side by side of each other and take group photos of our friends throughout the night. I would come home and look at my shots, and would find a few (as in maybe a dozen) good ones. I would hop online to upload my photos (this was back in the myspace days) & would see that my buddies brother had taken similar shots as me, but they were 10 times better. This irritated me so I picked his brain on technique and did my own research on composition, lighting, and etc.   I kept on practicing, practicing, practicing till I finally started to see the progression I was looking for.


When did you join Instagram and why did you join?

I joined Instagram Spring 2012. I had just bought an Iphone 3 before a trip to Jackson Hole, WY. I wanted a different platform to showcase my photos where you could connect with other like minded individuals. Back then editing apps were not as sophisticated as they are now, so the filter choices Instgram provided at that time were legit!


What is your favorite image you’ve posted to Instagram and why?

It’s hard to narrow it down to one, as I shoot various styles of photos but at this present moment I would have to say its one of my more recent pictures from Beaver Creek Colorado.

[ Perspective ] – I love when people can create an image that not only looks good, but captures the moment in a way that makes you feel like you were there, wish you were there, or makes you never want to be there ( the adrenaline side of me!)


What do you use the most, DSLR or Smartphone?



Are there any photo apps you recommend?

Get your feet wet with Snap Seed, especially because it’s FREE! Then Step your game up with VSCO CAM


Are you a professional photographer or hobbyist?

PRO- Hobbyist


If you’re a professional photographer tell us a little about it. Brief 2-4 sentences.

Through figuring out what I really enjoy shooting and what I can actually do a great job at shooting; I have come to figure out through the years that action sports and music festivals are my favorite style to shoot, and that’s currently what I do.


Do you attend or have you attended photography workshops, classes etc?

YES! Knowledge is power. Photo stores and things like Groupon offer great affordable options for some one trying to get their learn on!


What’s your day job?

Sheet Metal Worker by Day, Marketing, research and development by night!


Do you carry a camera daily? Which one?

iPhone & Gopro


Which fellow instagrammer do you admire the most?



Any advice to those staring out?

Have a vision to design, create, & capture a story you not only think, but feel is worthy of sharing with the world. As you do these things, help out as many people along the way as possible.

People come and go, NEVER give up on your PASSION!!!