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October 2011

Light Painting—So Hot Right Now!

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If you’ve ever taking a photography class, experimenting with night photography and long exposure times was most likely an assignment. You’d set up your tripod, set your camera to “bulb”, walk around your darkened house setting off an external flash and then call it day. Well, a group of contemporary artists has taken this technique to a whole other level. Deemed light painters, these photographers create intricate compositions with a variety of light sources ranging from flashlights to Christmas lights to automotive parts. Exposure times for these otherworldly compositions range from 4 – 8 minutes. And most impressively, a tenet of this new movement is that there can be absolutely no post processing. That means the photos that you see below are straight out of the camera. Amazing.

Light painting is not a completely new phenomenon. Artists began experimenting with long exposure photography back in early 20th century. Frank Gilbreth and Lillian Moller Gilbreth used small lights and the open shutter of a camera to track the motion of manufacturing and clerical workers. While they were not using light painting as an artistic medium, they did produce the first known light painting photographs.

Always the experimenter, Man Ray was the first artist to explore light paining as an artistic medium in 1935.

In the 1930s and 40s, Albanian-American photographer Gjon Mili pioneered photoflash photography and created new light painting techniques, many of which are still used today.

A photographer for LIFE Magazine, Mili’s work lead him to France to photograph Pablo Picasso. Inspired Mili’s light painting, Mili and Picasso collaborated on Picasso’s first light drawings which further popularized the art.

Eric Staller is considered the father of contemporary light painting. Beginning in the 1970s, Staller created light paintings in the streets of New York. This series inspires much of modern day light painting.

In the  1980s, light painting graffiti came on the scene with the work of Vicki DaSilva. Text-based light painting is still very popular today.

Contemporary light painting artists draw from this rich tradition and are constantly innovating and experimenting. Here are a few artists currently working in the medium.

Dennis Calvert’s elaborately staged scenes …

Ted Ducker’s light landscapes …

And Aaron Bauer’s colorful masterpieces …

If you are interested in learning more about light painting, visit Light Painting Photography. This website has great tutorials from light painting masters and tons of awesome examples.

Happy weekend!

Tips from a Pro: Jack Atley

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On Wednesday I attended the Lowepro Photography Webinar with Australian photographer Jack Atley.  Jack Atley is a professional commercial photographer with clients ranging from the Sydney Opera House to Coca Cola to Peugeot to Gucci. His presentation was really well done and full of great anecdotes to illustrate his points. Plus, he has a fabulous Aussie accent!

Lucky for those of you who couldn’t make it, I took notes. Here are Jack’s tips for taking better pictures and becoming a successful photographer.

  1. Shoot lots of images! Practice, practice practice to learn your camera inside and out.
  2. Get good light! And then put your subject in that light. Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to shoot. Also chose the lowest ISO for the light available to get the best detail.
  3. Watch your backgrounds. Be mindful of what is behind your subject.
  4. Composition – the rule of thirds. Put your subject (the main thing you want to get across to your viewer) in the bottom, top, left or right third of the frame instead of the dead center for a more dynamic photograph.
  5. Shoot for your viewer, not just yourself. 
  6. Be creative! Take risks! If you look at things the way everyone else is looking at them, you’ll never get a stand-out image.
Curious what’s in a pro photographers bag? Here are the items that are in Jack’s basic kit:  Nikon D3X, wide angle zoom lens (14- 20mm), medium range  zoom lens (28 – 105 mm), longer zoom lens (80 – 200 mm), a flash (Nikon SB900) and his laptop. He fits this all into his Lowepro CompuDay Pack and jumps on his Vespa!
If you want to stay in the loop about upcoming events, sign up with Lowepro here.
And, have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S? Great news! GorillaMobile for iPhone 4/4S works with all models! Don’t forget to enter into our Facebook Contest to win a GorillaMobile for iPhone 4/4s!
Happy weekend!

Lytro Goes Live!

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A few weeks ago, I told you all about the revolutionary Lytro light field camera that allows you to capture a totally new type of photograph were you can shoot now and focus later. It is an incredible piece of technology and today Lytro launched the first model.

 And, the camera is a totally cutie! Super compact, colorful, and less expensive that I would have thought. The 8 GB version is $399 and the 16GB version is $499. Not a bad price for a camera. And seriously, look how cute it is!

More details and specs are available on their website. You can pre-order there as well. I can’t wait to get my hands on one!



JOBY | Peter Stathis Venture Collaboration Update

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Dear friends,

First, we would like to thank you for your continued support of the JOBY | Peter Stathis Venture Collaboration.  As I wrote previously, on August 25th, JOBY was acquired by the DayMen Group, a market leader in photography and camera protection accessories. Unfortunately, based on new strategic direction, the Trapeze LED Table Light and Obus Indoor/Outdoor Light will no longer be launced by JOBY or the DayMen Group.

We deeply apologize for this change and will be working diligently with designer Peter Stathis to identify other ways to bring these amazing lights to market. We will provide further information as it becomes available. Please reach out to us at info[@]joby[dot]com if you have any questions regarding this change.

Again, we at JOBY are beyond grateful for the support of our customers and thank you for helping us build an amazing business over the past five years.


Gigantic GorillaPods + Free Photo Classes

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If there is one thing that JOBY couldn’t be more thankful for it is our amazing customers. We really lucked out! Maxwell, our distribution partner in Australia, is a long-time supporter of JOBY and a very creative one at that!  We really appreciate all of the fabulous things that they’ve done to promote our GorillaPod and GorillaTorch lines. For example …

… this fun image shot using both a GorillaPod and a GorillaTorch.  A GorillaPod Focus supported the camera and a GorillaTorch Flare was used write the text. I say that is doubly awesome!

And even more impressive is this super-sized model of the GorillaPod Original that they built from molded Styrofoam! Originally used to promote JOBY tripods at a tradeshow, the Godzilla of GorillaPods now lives on the main sales floor of Australia’s largest independent camera store, Michaels of Melbourne. How cool is that?!?

Thanks Maxwell! You rock! Now if you could just make another 8 foot GorillaPod for us to display at the SF Office …


Now is your chance to improve your photography with a free webinar hosted by our friends at Lowepro. Professional photographer Jack Atley from Australia with share his advice on how to take award-winning shots and also answer any of your photography questions. The webinar is on Wednesday October 19th from 4 pm – 5 pm PST or 8 pm – 9 pm PST (EDIT: If you missed it, here’s the recorded Jack Atley Webinar). Sign up and more information are here. I’ll sure be there! And below are a few of Jack’s amazing photos to get you psyched on the class.

Winner of the Open Section of The 2011 Moran Photographic Prize …

And a few that caught my eye …

Have an awesome weekend folks!

Contests: We won! And you can win!

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Happy Friday friends!

We are happy to announce that our JOBY | Peter Stathis Venture Collaboration lighting line has won two Spark:Pro Awards! The Spark Awards are the world’s first multi-level design awards. Designers from all skill sets are welcome, whether they are professional, novice or student. Both the Trapeze and Obus won this high honor from Spark and we are so thrilled! We know that they are awesome, innovative lights, but it is quite nice to hear that other folks think so too.

As usual, we are in great company for this award. Here are a few wonderful designs that stood out to me from those entered into the competition.

Out of the Box: Mobile Workstation

Urbio Urban Vertical Garden

Czech: Tiles Made of Recycled Materials

If you are interested in checking out more inspirational product designs visit the gallery of Spark! entries.


A while back I announced that DayMen-Lowepro acquired JOBY. We were really excited about the news and I’m thrilled to report that we’ve joined forces with another amazing team of creative, active, photography-loving folks! One awesome thing coming out of this partnership for our loyal customers is that there are now double the opportunities to win photography gear! JOBY sponsors contests, Daymen-Lowepro sponsors other contests and you have even more chances to win! I think that makes this a win-win-win.

As you can see, Outpost Magazine and Lowepro are hosting a Signs of the Road Photography Contest. Simply submit your favorite photo of a wacky road sign and you can win prize packs chock full of LowePro bags and JOBY tripods – the ultimate photography power couple – if I do say so myself.

Happy weekend! And, go out there and find some crazy road signs to enter into the contest.