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August 2011

Breaking down the iPhone Timelapse

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Photographer Dhrumil S. Desai breaks down the art of iPhone timelapse videography on his blog Desigraph. He shares all his tips and tricks for how to maximize your iPhone and capture the best timelapse video in his post A Day at the Library. One great tip … set your phone to airplane mode so text messages, emails and calls won’t interrupt your video-making. Read the rest of the very thorough article on his blog.

Here is Dhrumil’s timelapse video of two public libraries made using JOBY’s GorillaCam App.  With our new Frame X Frame App, you’re able to eliminate the iMovie step of Dhrumil’s process and jump straight from a string of photos to a final video!

Happy timelapsing!

Important News About Joby!

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We’ve got some really exciting news this week!



For Immediate Release
August 26, 2011

Petaluma, CA – DayMen Group, manufacturer and leading distributor of high-quality imaging, laptop and other electronic protective accessory brands, is pleased to announce it has reached an agreement to acquire Joby.

Joby is the San Francisco-based manufacturer of iconic photo, mobile and lighting products that inspire the creative and active lifestyle, including the award-winning GorillaPod line of flexible tripods.

“DayMen will bring its extensive distribution network and our history of building great brands to the Joby line of products,” said Gil Roberts, DayMen CEO. “DayMen and Joby are built on a shared passion for creativity, superior functionality and constant innovation. Together, we can accelerate the growth of our business and build the global presence of our Lowepro, Acme Made and Joby brands, as well as the many outstanding third-party brands we distribute around the world.”

DayMen has been distributing Joby in Canada since 2007 and Australia since 2008. Since it was founded over six years ago, Joby has grown from a start-up to a company with distribution in over 65 countries.

Forrest Baringer-Jones, Joby CEO said, “When we introduced our best-selling GorillaPod for sale in 2006 we were able to redefine the way photographers capture images. Since then, we’ve developed a number of great products to thrill our customers including new lines related to lighting and mobile accessories. The acquisition by DayMen gives Joby a great opportunity to expand both our distribution network and our product line.”

“I am incredibly proud of the team we have built, the products we have developed, and the customer and distributor relationships we have forged,” said JoeBen Bevirt, Joby’s founder. “I am excited for the tremendous opportunity DayMen has provided for Joby to continue to grow.”

Media Contact:
Joby Press Office

About DayMen:

Since its inception in 1981, The DayMen Group has enjoyed an exceptional reputation in the photographic and consumer electronics industry as an innovative manufacturer and distributor of high quality imaging products and accessories from Lowepro, Acme Made and other third party brands. Based in Petaluma, CA, DayMen Group is owned by private equity firm Brockway Moran & Partners.

About Joby

Joby creates iconic, award-winning photo, mobile and lighting products that inspire the creative and active lifestyle. We believe great design starts with a user-centric approach, is functional yet playful, and enhances people’s lives. Founded in 2005 with the introduction of the industry-defining and best-selling GorillaPod, Joby is a global company headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in Geneva, Switzerland; Tokyo, Japan and Shenzhen, China.

CineSkates: Smooth tracking video for your GorillaPod Focus

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Justin Jensen at Cinetics had a problem: how do you move a video camera smoothly alongside its subject? How do you get those smooth, straight or circular tracking shots with something portable that you can position anywhere? So, he created an ingenious solution to go with the GorillaPod Focus: wheels!

Not just any wheels, but super-smooth wheels that only need a simple push or pull to get that seamless tracking shot you always wanted.

Or maybe you subscribe to the Spider Man school of filming?

Right now, Justin is using Kickstarter to fund his operations. If enough people commit to buying a set of CineSkates (you don’t pay unless the funding goal is met), he’ll be able to start production. So, if you’ve got a GorillaPod Focus and always wanted to use it for tracking shots, check out Justin’s video describing the story behind CineSkates (we’re already standing in line to get ours), and if you’re interested in getting some wheels for your Focus, visit his CineSkates Kickstarter page!

Friday Finds: World Photography Day!

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Happy Friday Creactives!

Today is World Photography Day, quite possibly one of our favorite days here at JOBY.  We hope you’re celebrating along with the rest of the world by taking lots of fabulous photos and putting your GorillaPod to work!

In honor of World Photo Day, I want to share an incredible global photography project that has been gaining traction the past few months. The Inside Out Project is a large-scale participatory art project that turns messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work. Started by French artist JR, recipient of the 2011 TED Prize, the project hopes to share the untold stories and images of regular people all over the world. This project focuses on the power of art and ideas to change perceptions, attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world.

This is how it works: Participants upload their portraits, the portraits are printed out poster-size and then mailed back for the participants to post anywhere they want in their communities – an office window, the wall of an abandoned building, an overpass. People can participate as an individual or as part of a group, but the Project prohibits promoting a brand, product, or organization through the posting. The focus is really on individuals and personal statements, which I think is unique for such a large-scale project. The Inside Out Project also asks that participants document their postings and upload those images and their accompanying stories to the website for the rest of the world to see.

Here are a few images and stories from their creators.Want to become part of the Inside Out Project? It’s as easy as uploading your portrait.

Bianca P. Guatemala City, Guatemala

“I stand for a country of peace, I’m tired of breathing an environment of insecurity, hate and death in our contaminated streets.”


Ashwyn T. Cape Town, South Africa

“In Cape Town, teenagers from two divided racial communities, Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg were brought together to explore their cultural diff[erences]”


Kay S. Chiang Mai, Thailand

“Showing the new faces of monastic life in Thailand through portraits of ‘samaneras’ (monk novices)”

Alexander N. Moscow, Russia

“Our goal is to help end homophobia not only in Russia, but the world”


Barra U. Montevideo, Uruguay

“We stand for the cooperatives of waste pickers, where we achieve to work out of the streets, working with dignity for the recycling system”

The artist behind the project JR is no stranger to large-scale art projects aimed at raising awareness, changing attitudes and refocusing on the individual. He has covered rooftops, walls and stairways all over the world with his black and white posters. His projects have influenced incredible changes in communities just by providing access to art and emphasizing the individual. If you’re interested in learning more about his past work, watch his TED talk. I was blown away by the scope of his projects and his devotion to the communities he works in.

The Inside Out Project left me inspired to make art, and I hope it does the same for you. Enjoy your weekend!

Friday Finds: Dog Photography, GorillaPods in the Wild

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Happy Friday Creactives!

Let’s just talk a little bit about our dogs, shall we? Dogs are a constant in our lives — they are unconditionally loving, they’re silly, they chew up our newspapers and our keds. And we love them for all of this.  As I was scrolling through my photo library the other day, I noticed that the majority of my pictures are of my dog. It’s official, I’ve been snared in her web of cuteness. And I probably won’t be able escape. I’m sure you’re all dying to see her now …

Cute, right?

It turns out, a lot of folks are just as into their pets as I am. Pet photography is a serious business and requires a lot skill. Like toddlers, those pups don’t really hold still. Earlier this week, I stumbled across the portfolio of Carli Davidson, a successful photographer of pets (and other things as well). Her images are cute, fun and really showcase the personality of each pet. My favorite images were from her Shake series. She took some fabulously funny photos of wet dogs shaking themselves dry, capturing the few seconds that most of us duck and cover from. Here are a few images. They’ll make you smile. To see more, visit her portfolio.

Do you have an adorable pooch? Or cat? Or salamander? Link, tweet or Facebook your photos so we can gush over our pets together. Don’t leave me hanging!

Summer continues to be a great season for the GorillaMobile and GorillaTorch lines. The GorillaMobile Yogi was featured in a beach vacation survival kit on Beach Tomato and the GorillaTorch Flare was lauded one of the top four camping products in the newest issues of FYI Apple Magazine.

We agree that it’s pretty fabulous!

Our loyal band of creactives has also been very busy this summer using their GorillaPods in a variety of different ways all over the world. Here are a few Instagram images they’ve shared with us from their travels.

Just gorgeous! I love summer! Why don’t we get out there and enjoy it while it’s still around (and send me photo evidence of a good time had on Monday)!

Everything Is A Remix

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Everything Is A Remix is an amazing video series produced by Kirby Ferguson, a New York-based filmmaker. The series discusses the remix, the role of copying in artistic creation, and how innovation relies so heavily on influence and inspiration from previous creations. Here at JOBY, our product designers deal with the complicated relationship between these powerful forces day in and day out. Ferguson’s videos beautifully illustrate this complex dynamic—much better than I can explain it, at least.

I recommend you start the series from the beginning because each video builds on themes from the previous. Part Three most directly addresses invention and product design.

Part Four is scheduled to be released in October and I can’t wait! If you want to find out more about Ferguson and his Remix project visit his site Everything is a Remix.

Friday Finds: Yogi in Mac Life, Tilt-Shift Photography, Celebrity Portraiture

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Well Creactives, I guess I am not as tech-saavy as I had once thought. I had pre-written and scheduled a delightful Friday Finds post for last Friday while I was off wine tasting in Napa—tough life!— but it didn’t ever publish. I’m sure you all missed me dearly, and so this week you’ll get to enjoy my post from last week and a whole new slew of finds from this week!

First on the docket, GorillaMobile Yogi was featured in Mac Life magazine along with some other fun and functional tech accessories. Right on Yogi!

Tilt-shift photography— a technique were everything in the scene looks delightfully miniature— has become increasingly popular thanks to Photoshop and several iPhone Apps. Photojojo just dug up a neat point and shoot camera that has a built in tilt-shift ring that allows you to shoot both photo and video in the characteristic tilt-shift style. I must say the GorillaPod video was made for this camera and I hoping one show up at the JOBY office soon. Here are a few images from Photojojo shot with the Tilt-Shift Camera.

Doesn’t that look fun! I’m dying to see what the video looks like!

In September, the Aperture Foundation will publish “The New York Times Magazine Photographs”, book of photographs taken by a panorama of photographers for the New York Times Magazine over the past several years and edited by Kathy Ryan. I’ve always been impressed by the quality of the photography in the Magazine and the sneak peak of the book on the Times’ photography blog did not disappoint. Each photograph in the book with be captioned with behind the scenes information about the shoot— the photographer/gossip in me is particularly excited for these juicy details!

The blog slideshow featured celebrity portraiture and below are a few of my favorites: Clint Eastwood, Diane Keaton and Leonardo DiCaprio. The stylistic range of the photography is just captivating.

Have a wonderful weekend Creactives! See you next week!