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April 2011

Frame X Frame Now Available in the App Store – the free, stop motion enabled, social sharing, all-in-one camera iPhone app

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It’s Here!  Following on the awesome success of the Gorillacam with 2.5 million downloads, the latest JOBY app is now available in the iTunes Store.

Frame X Frame makes stop motion a breeze. With easy set-up, the free iPhone app allows you quickly capture and stitch together  a stop motion video that is ready to be shared with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email and YouTube.  Plus, Frame X Frame provides with more great features that will turn your iPhone into a picture-taking dream.

Some great features to make this your new go-to camera app:

  • Geotagging –automatically attaches exif data to your pictures
  • Self-Timer, 3 Shot Burst & Press Anywhere allow you take the exact picture that you want – you included
  • Bubble level to frame up your shot easily

PS You can tweet about the app using #JOBYFXF and see some awesome dance moves on the JOBY Facebook page using Frame X Frame

Friday Finds: GorillaPod Focus on the move, Hiking and Biking

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Happy Friday Creactives!


Somehow we have tripped into the middle of April and all that entails. This week brought with it some interesting videos from JOBY fans which includes some fun lip syncing which for a change does involve ABBA and  a great set of images in a blog titled “Hiking in Finland” about – you guessed it – hiking in Finland with a GorillaPod SLR.

First a test of a GorillaPod Focus mounted on the outside of a moving vehicle by JOBY fan  Zach Settewongse of Disclaimer – we do not suggest nor encourage you to try this out- but it is entertaining to watch.

“The Situation” Zach, Lisa & the Mini Cooper-S from Zach Settewongse • s3films on Vimeo.



Jolly Roger

Friday Finds: Sweet videos of people in motion air + water and some great reviews

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Happy Friday!!

Here at JOBY, we clearly are in awe of parkour (in case you haven’t figured that out see exhibit #1 = our website) and these outtakes from the Red Bull Art of the Motion shot using a GorillaPod do not diminish our interest one bit. Some mind blowing stuff!



Video Studio Pro explains the advantages of a GorillaPod with a man on the street interview.




Some Flickr Eye Candy
Night colors


bay street
Bay Street by Ronnie Yip (this one even comes with a GorillaPod appreciation)

Other Good Stuff

Look quickly and keep your eye on the woman’s hand (seriously)…you’ll know what I am talking about when you view this promotional video by Go Pro. Didn’t see what I was talking about? Where is your mind?

Some Press Shout Outs

“Innovative” and “useful”- music to our ears in this great piece about the GorillaTorch line that appeared in this week’s Montreal Gazette.

With “four viewing positions with infinite permutations” and affirmation of the ergonomic benefits of the foldable accessory, Macworld has a long review of our GorillaMobile Ori for iPad.

Friday Finds: JOBY becomes a no-flexibility zone

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Like many gymnasts and dancers before it, the GorillaPod woke up Friday with a clear thought in its head, “I’m just too old for this sh**.”  After years of wrapping around poles, hanging from door frames and even- heaven forbid – straddling rocks, the GorillaPod has decided that this is the end of the road. Plus, “who needs to adapt to environments anyway?” he mused. “Too much choice and flexibility must be a decidedly bad thing. It’s an epidemic, people spend too many hours trying to identify the perfect cereal in the grocery store, or trying to figure out the perfect shot. It all comes to the same thing, just take the picture, who cares if you will forever be wiped out of the family album, only to make appearances with your arm blocking half the shot? It is all about simplification.”

And with that, the new curmudgeon, turned over in his bed and went to sleep.