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November 2010

JOBY wins European Consumer Choice Award

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We’re thrilled to have been selected by European Consumers Choice, a non-profit organization focused on testing and rating consumer products and services in the EU, with the European Consumers Choice Award. Over 1100 companies competed for 35 awards. Consumers all over Europe tested JOBY Gorillapods and  decided that we stood out. The Gorillapod was one of the overall highest rated products. Yeah, we admit it, we even impressed ourselves.

Here are some of the  comments that we received from the consumers:

« The photographic invention of the decade, brilliant »

« The GorillaPod really settles everywhere, I adopt it »

« Obviously made for photographers’ delight »

« Brilliant idea, innovation : 10/10 »

And, now for our amazing score  based on design, ease of use and innovation:

Friday Finds: GDGT Photos, Gift Guides and the Day in Life of a Bicycle

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Happy Friday!

We are gearing up for a very exciting holiday season at JOBY. Besides the normal work stuff, recipes are being discussed, travel plans are being arranged and the desserts keeps piling in.

In advance of the holidays, the gift guides keep pouring in. This week Wired ranked the Gorillatorch Switchback #2 in their December 100 Things We Want. Videomaker kicked off their gift guide with the JOBY GorillaPod Focus with Ballhead X as the ultimate gift for the video producer. In addition,  Gizmodo officially gave the GorillaTorch Blade, their seal of approval.


Last week, JOBY was happy to be part of GDGT goodness held at the Galleria in San Francisco. We discovered many things, must notably, people LOVE magnets. Here are some not-so-fabulous pics of the event set up. Thanks to our design team for helping out and to the one person who was cool enough to fully embrace the dork factor of a  headlamp in a packed group of people.

And, finally a lovely trip to the Netherlands with this short movie entitled “A Day in the Life of a Bicycle” by Jeroen Klogieters.

A day in the life of a Bicycle [SHORT FILM] from jeroen Klokgieters on Vimeo.

Friday Finds: Foot tapping worthy videos filmed with Gorillapods and Press for Gorillamobile for iPhone 4

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Hello Creactives,

To get us into a swinging weekend mood, I have two great videos filmed with Gorillapods this week. The first one really has a Gorillapod SLR Zoom as the star of its very own madcap adventure movie.

1-Mintue Silent Film from Fatma Al-Nasr on Vimeo.

This video of the cameraman doing his thing during a soccer game comes with a dancing-in-your seat worthy ditty.

Offside – Swedbank Stadion from Niklas Kristensson on Vimeo.

And of course, this week would not be complete without mention some of the amazing press we received for Gorillamobile for iPhone 4; including ZDNET, Engadget Macworld, and Gizmodo. Plus, Gorillatorch Switchback got  a lovely write-up in WIRED who declared “Headlamp + Lantern + Tripod = Sheer Brilliance.” We may blush, but we’ll take the compliment.

For all of you in San Francisco, JOBY will be at GDGT Live tonight, be sure to swing by!

Gorillamobile for iPhone 4 is Here! Your phone enhanced

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After months of not knowing exactly what to do with your iPhone 4, we have finally come up with the perfect solution for you. Yes, you may have thought it was cool already with its digital zoom, multiple cameras, retina display  and the works  – but, you are about to watch it get that much better. Enter the GorillaMobile for iPhone 4. At JOBY, we love photography/videography and realized that if we were able to truly unlock the power of the phone for that purpose, we would be well on our way to creating the perfect product for the iPhone 4.  This new, super durable bumper case adds virtually no weight or size to your phone. You can easily slip it into your pocket when you’re on-the-go, and be ready for the inevitable moment of dropsy that will occur in the course of your week.

The sleek case has a rail system which allows it to easily slide on and off – in both portrait and landscape mode. While, the flexible, bendable tripod legs enable you to find the perfect position for FacetTiming, timelapse videos or just taking pictures in low light situations. So, all you iPhone 4 users, go forth and take tons of pictures, videos, …and other things.

Friday Finds: Furry Creatures in New York and funny press for the Gorillapod and Gorillatorch Blade and Gorillatorch Switchback hit the mark

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Hello Creactives,

Friday has arrived and a restless spirit has descended on the Joby office. It has been quite a week in San Francisco. In case you didn’t know, the Giants won the World Series, there was an election and somehow we managed to have summer in November for a few precious days.

To start off Friday Finds, I wanted to share this humorous take on the Big Apple (where I was last week). There is nothing quite like a fuzzy monster walking through Time Square. I love the fur on this guy.

Up in the Air

We were honored to appear in the “What is in the Staff Photographer’s bag”  by Fred Lum from the Globe and Mail. Here’s what he had to say about the trusty Gorillapod:

Lastly, there’s one piece of gear I don’t use very often but find it indispensable when I do need it and that’s a Joby Gorillapod. It’s got articulated legs which have rubberized rings and feet which have tremendous stiction and can wrap around whatever you can find.

The San Francisco Chronicle suggests that the solution to your camera “shaking like a nervous chihuahua” is the Joby Gorillapod. Plus, love the title of this piece, “Six reasons your travel videos stink.”

November is here and with that starts the Holiday buying season and the gift guides. Blast Magazine honored Gorillatorch Blade (even though the Gorillatorch Flare is shown) as a selection in their 2010 Holiday Automative Gift Guide for “anyone who drives or loves their automobile.”

“Gorillatorch Switchback sheds light on campers,” states USA Today in this review of the latest product in the Joby arsenal. Happy to help her cross her nephew off the gift list for the Holidays.

Enjoy the weekend!