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September 2010

Friday Finds: Gorillapod Video Makes Waves and Arresting Photography

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Hello Creactives,

What a week it has been. Gorillapod Video made a splash with the press including some great pick-ups in Engadget and Gizmodo. True to form, Wire‘s cheeky and slightly risque title definitely stood out.

Photography Perspectives

This haunting and beautiful shot was achieved by mounting a Gorillapod to a ceiling fan. Titled “Late at night–in your sleep–you’ll hear my lonesome call” (quite a mouthful) by  Flickr artist Bitca, this arresting photo is slightly odd and very intriguing.

The End to Shaky Personal Video Recording is Here with Gorillapod Video

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Personal video camera shakiness be gone! Launched today, the Gorillapod Video is the most adaptable on-the-go video tripod system. With 360 degrees of pan, 180 degrees of tilt and aluminum video head that allows you to position your Flip, Kodak Zi8 or other hand held video recording device the way you want it. Plus, the wrappable legs and super strong magnetic feet allow you to get exactly the vantage point you want.

Find out more about the Gorillapod Video with the video below (if you can see Eric through the fog) or on

Friday Finds: Sock Photography, a Large Gorillatorch and a Mini Car

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Happy Friday Creactives,

Having spent this morning freezing on the Golden Gate Bridge (you’ll find out soon enough why). This tender ode to socks really captured my fancy. Shot with Nikon and Gorillapod SLR Zoom and Ballhead as part of a 365 project, exhibits a gentle journey in reverse motion.

Gorillatorch Goes Big

This lovely juxtaposition of a larger than life Gorillatorch with an adorable car, comes to us care of Automechanika, a major automotive tradeshow in Frankfurt, Germany.  Probably not the best for aerodynamics, but definitely good for finding your way in the dark.

Delightful Design: Firefly Patterns, Book Covers to Cherish and Light Images Floating in Mid Air

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So it’s midweek here and not enough sleep has been had by yours truly. So for a little pick-me-up I decided to look at some inspiring design ideas that I have seen lately. It really is a hodgepodge, but oh-so-pretty…or at least cool.

Tracking Fireflies in the Forest

These gorgeous image were made by tracking the phosphorescent patterns of fireflies as they circulate in the forest leaving amazing light patterns in their wake.

The Great Gatsby’s Charm
I am in heaven with these art deco book covers by Penguin Books. These covers are true works of art.

Light Extruded

Appearing out of thin air (care of  Core77), these beautiful images of light extrusion were created by iPads, long exposure photography and smart engineers.

Here’s how they did it:

First we create software models of three-dimensional typography, objects and animations. We render cross sections of these models, like a virtual CAT scan, making a series of outlines of slices of each form. We play these back on the surface of the iPad as movies, and drag the iPad through the air to extrude shapes captured in long exposure photographs. Each 3D form is itself a single frame of a 3D animation, so each long exposure still is only a single image in a composite stop frame animation.

Friday Finds: Inc 5000, Alternative Perspectives and Photography Contests

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Hello Creactives,

Thanks to a lovely 3 day weekend last week, Friday has arrived sooner than usual. Joby has been blazing trails for a handful of years now and we were thrilled to find out that our hard work has paid off! Joby came in at #924 in Inc.’s list of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in America ( I like to say we were in the Inc 1,000).

Alternative Perspectives

I spotted another lovely view from the top this week with this interesting mix of acrobatics, a Gorillapod and the London Underground. It took me a little bit to figure out that this guy is actually hanging upside down from the ceiling. The combination of the devilish grin and the “time to die nerd-boy!” t-shirt make this photo particularly hilarious.

Some days the tube rides you.

In a slightly darker frame of mind, this “War of the Worlds” poster, further explores the wonders of Gorillapods and legos. A sweet combination if I ever saw one. The dramatic red background with the ominous silhouette of the camera mounted Gorillapod makes for an amazingly human-like feeling. Too bad it looks like the Gorillapod is just as likely to eat as to talk to the lego.


Photography Contests

Joby is pleased to be sponsoring  two fantastic photography contests.

The first is the great concept called the  Vancouver 12×12 which is a 35mm film photography contest where contests receive marked rolls of film with only 12 exposures. At the top of every hour, for 12 hours, a new theme is randomly drawn. Contest are then charged with finding photos that interpret and capture the theme in one single exposure.  Find out more about 12X12.

The second allows you to participate by both entering and voting, so get to it! In it’s first year, Lux’s panel  of serious judges help lend professionalism to a great photography contest.  With judging in 4 categories; The Natural World, Bodies in Motion, The Urban Landscape and Universal Faces the competition has mass appeal and some top notch images. Entries Deadline is September 30th, so be sure to check it out.

Friday Finds: Robots, Leaps and Tailgating

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Happy Long Weekend Creactives!

We’re gearing up to take advantage of some much needed Vitamin D exposure here at Joby labs, but first some fun finds.

Robot Themed Reviews

Gorillapod loving seems to be get better with nerds. How can you resist taking advice from the Big Shiny Robot? Especially when it is coupled with such a contented, blue, lounging robot and providing “Nerd News & Reviews.”

Oh, and welcome to the world where absurd statements meet Joby love. I get a kick out of the idea that your only option for positioning might be to balance your Gorillapod on a robot.

Leaping Lizzards

This Gorillapod plus self-timer photo barely needs an introduction.

Football Season is Here

Shocking though it may be, Football (American style) season has arrived and according to Tailgater magazine, the Gorillatorch is a must-have item to accompany any pre-gaming feast.

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