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August 2010

Friday Finds:The Ultimate Review Video, Trapeze Swings and Mountain Bikers

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Happy Friday Creactives!

Another action filled week here at Joby and on the web. I was super excited to come across the first video posted below. Enjoy!

A Beautifully Shot Gorillapod Review

With close to 6,000 views already, this gorgeous review by DigitalRev of the Gorillapod line of products is not to be missed. It shows off a number of excellent use cases and comes with some quality lines, given in a deadpan tone.

My favorites include:

“You don’t want to sit down on one of these”


In reference to the quick release;  “That was really quick!” (You might just have to see it to understand this one)

Plus, the fabulous juxtaposition of the Barbie pink Gorillapod at the construction site is pretty priceless.

Alternate Perspectives

While this film does at times make me feel a little sick, it is the closest I will ever come to being a circus performer – thanks Gorillamobile.

Mountain Bikers –  Meet the Gorillatorch Flare

Fun reading on this quality coverage of the Gorillatorch Flare on Mountain Bike Riders website. A full analysis of the use of the hands-free flashlight on and off the bike.

Favorite Line: From repair stand light to front commuter light. Gorillatorch Flare’s versatility RULES

Candid Summer Contest – Winners Announced!

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iPhoneography Contest

What an amazing assortment of fabulous photos!  Although summer has just arrived in San Francisco, it is winding down in the rest of the world. With that, the Candid Summer Contest has ended and the 5 lucky winners below will receive up to  $100 in Joby products. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who entered the contest.

And now….the winners!

Jump! by TexasBorn

Team Work by DebaPhotoWala

S'mores by Chyidean

Expectant Cravings by Faulkner

Off Road by Daniel Miranda

Friday Finds: Biking, Heavy Lifting and a Great Endorsement

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Hello Creactives,

Some fun video and photography this weeks in Friday finds. Plus, an awesome write-up in the Chicago Tribune. I mean, who doesn’t want a little bit of “portable sunshine” with the Gorillatorch Flare?

Bike Riding Through La Defense

I love the carefree feeling of this take on a biking with a Gorillapod heading through the outskirts of Paris.

Gorillapod as Cover Girl

The Gorillapod in the background looks like it is about to slink into something a little more comfortable.

224/365 - A Little Fuzzy on the Details

A New Take on the Holiday Roadtrip

John vs. the Minivan exhibits amazing feats of strength. I particularly like the need for somebody to survey the situation from below – or just take a minivan on the head.

John vs. The Minibus

What’s inside your bag?

Summing up the end of a 365/ 365 (365 photos in 365 days)  flickr photographer Aaron Miller shows off his stuff. Here’s what he had to say about his stash:

My workhorse camera was the Canon 50D and I’d highly recommend it to anyone thinking about getting one. Definitely did the job for me. But the camera that I think made the difference for me was the Canon S90, which I have mounted on a little Joby tripod to the right. I carried that thing with me EVERYWHERE (along with that little tripod) and it just does a great job of taking fully manual little pics. I can’t say enough about it.

So, what’s on this table?

Canon 50D
Canon S90
10-22 mm Canon Wide Angle lens
50 mm f1.8
100 mm Canon macro f2.8 L with IS
24-70 mm Canon f2.8 L
18-200 mm Canon zoom
430 EX flash
Yanguno flash
Yanguno wireless flash kit and wired trigger
Canon flash cord
Tamrac Expedition 3 camera bag
Joby gorillapod SLR zoom
Manfrotto 190CXPRO4 tripod with 322RC2 head
Flash stand with umbrella
Macbook Pro 15″ with Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS4, plus Photomatix for HDR processing

Friday Finds: Four Wheeled Adventures, Fun Photography and Press

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Hello Creactives,

To send you into the weekend with an adventuresome spirit, here are some great photos of ATVing from the company offsite a couple of weeks ago. Some people escaped unscathed and fortunately so did the camera gear.

Charging the Hills

One of the ATV Joby teams

Catching Air

Post ATV Break

Ashlee After a Graceful Dismount

Flickr Photos

And now for some slightly less frightening photos care of Flickr.

Chicago Skyline by Ken Snyder

Ekka, Brisbane

By far the most humorous image of the week…..

It Shrank by MisterPiggeh

Special props for inventive use of self-timer on the Gorillacam.

Obsessing Over Things That Are Not In Photoshop

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Maybe it is a new form of back to basics, with actors doing their own stunts, models with moles and performers actually singing at live concerts.  But, the trend towards making it super clear that the items are not done in Photoshop reached a new high (or maybe low today) with the amazing Darth Vader on a Chipmunk video on Gizmodo. Thank goodness they clarified, I was worried about multiple sleepless nights trying to figure this one out. That being said- it is pretty cool, real or not.

Friday Finds: Parkour, Flickr Favorites and Press

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Hello Creactives!

Friday is here, and the sun has finally appeared. We are literally wearing wool and suede here, in the not-so-summery San Francisco August.


While this theoretically could get a little repetitive there is something so ninja-cool about this video of swinging through windows. Captured with a Gorillapod Magnetic, it comes complete with post-activity grunts.

Flickr Fun

MI6 building under surveillance by Gorillapod SLR and an Olympus.

Given that downloads are disabled for these Gorillacam photos, I decided it best not to post on the blog. So, you’ll just have to see this priceless expression the old fashion way.

A Dabbling of Press

Scary that Autoblog seems to think that we are already in the “end-of-summer.” This guide helps prepare you for the ultimate summer road trip. Of course, hands-free, emergency-ready, Gorillatorch Flare is a must.

And why we are a little worried that it may go to its head, the Gorillatorch Flare was given the close to perfect rating of 9.5 our 10 on the I4U website.