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May 2010

Friday Finds: Make the perfect weekend project, Gorillapod hitches a ride, Love is in the air, REI anniversary

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Happy 3 Day Weekend Creactives!

What to MAKE this weekend

Our love for Make Magazine grew even more this week with the roll-out of their remote controlled camera. Able to receive a signal from up to 2 miles away, this do-it-yourself device is made by hacking together a simple digital camera and a walkie talkie. Of course, everything is better with a Gorillapod.

A Ride on the Wild Side with Gorillapod

While we don’t condone or suggest that you test this out  with your own camera and Gorillapod Magnetic, it does make for an amazing video.

Love is in the Air

Apparently, some Gorillapods know how to perch themselves just right to  inspire their own love songs.

Others, just have to show up. DISCLAIMER: If you are easily offended do NOT watch this video.

Celebrate with REI

It’s that time of year again, as part of it’s yearly anniversary sale (ironic how that happens), REI has given Joby a place front and center in the San Francisco store. Apologies for camera quality, apparently we didn’t have  enough cameras around to take a sharp picture:)

Maker Faire Outing – Dancing with Electricity and Shooting T-Shirts

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Yesterday was a lovely day for a stroll at the Bay Area Maker Faire. Sponsored by Make Magazine the Maker Faire is an eccentrically fun event filled with some very cool technological cutting edge inventions and some particularly odd ideas. Some definite themes for the event seemed to be vertically hanging your plants (my personal fave looked like a shoe rack) and there seemed to be an entire room designed to cause epileptic seizures.

The highlight of the day for us was the high tech wizardry meets some funny dance moves provided by ArcAttack. The Tesla Coils throw out huge electrical arcs of 1/2 million volt sparks and make an amazing amount of noise as the ArcAttack member clothed in a lightweight chain mail outfit does his thing to the music. It is very much Robin Hood meets Star Wars with a little Revenge of the Nerds thrown in for good merit.

Here is a fun shot we got while at the Maker Faire and to give you a fuller understanding a video of ArcAttack  in another venue.

And, in case you have been desperately seeking a better way  to give out t-shirts, Microsoft Robotics has you covered.

Friday Finds: Gorillatorch on the Run, Gorillapod Bike Rides, Groovy Equals Gorillapod Magnetic

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Hello Creactives!

Hilarious Gorillatorch Story

We received this awesome email the other day from a customer, that was too fun to pass up. I love the image of the Gorillatorch holding on for dear life as the car surges down the road.

I received a gorillatorch as a Mother’s Day gift. I was playing with it to see if it would attach to my van. It did. It worked so well, that I forgot I had placed it on the outside of the van. I drove at 70+ mph for over 30 miles before I realized that I had left the torch attached to my van. To my amazement, it never moved! The bulb still worked despite all the road vibrations. Very good product. Thank you.

Biking Season is Clearly Here

Apparently, people got the memo. The sun is out and it is time to start biking. This week you can choose from a charity cycle in the English country side,  some hills in a Vancouver neighborhood or a quick city trip in Slovenia.

Biking Gorillapod Style: England

Biking Gorillapod Style: Vancouver

Biking Gorillapod Style: Slovenia


Gorillatorch, the hands free flashlight with personality, makes an appearance in Parents Magazine this month.

Best Title of the Week

“Joby Gorillapod Magnetic is Grooviness Incarnate”

Love the mix of a variation on the word groovy with the polysyllabic wonder incarnate. Some of the examples of ways to use the Gorillapod are not entirely recommended by Joby.

Friday Finds – Putting Together a Bed Time-Lapse, Best Gift for Tech Moms, Dreaming of Evenings in Mexico

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Happy Friday Creactives!

Bed Making Gorillamobile and Gorillacam Style

Ahh, the joys of constructing – Ikea style. This time-lapse video taken with a Gorillamobile and Gorillacam is a study in what putting together an Ikea bed is supposed to be like. For the most part everything goes smoothly, he doesn’t spend hours the way I do hunting for tools which I happen to be sitting on.  Nevertheless the result is pretty entertaining, especially the headless wife inspecting the work at the end. Added bonus, the background music is sure to make you start doing a little dance at your desk…It’s tricky!

Best Gift for Tech Moms

To celebrate Mother’s Day WPIX, a local news affiliate  in New York, welcomed Rebecca Dogin, the Executive Editor from, to suggest great last minute gifts for moms. The Gorillapod Magnetic with its adorable wrapping legs and magnetic feet was selected as the Best Gift for Tech Moms. Our little guy was so embarrassed by the attention that  its feet turned red, but I think we’ll all get over it.

Playing it Oh-So-Cool

What do you Joby Gorillapods and George Clooney have in common? Other than being both so ruggedly handsome, of course. Apparently we are both hip enough to appear in the Weekender Version of Urban Daddy.

Pretty Pretty Time-lapse Sky

@andyhadfield makes me jealous with this perfect lapis blue evening sky with the help of a Gorillapod.

Dad In His Natural Habitat Photo Contest

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Ah, Dad! The word itself conjures up very specific images.  Whether it be the white socks and short shorts or dad reading a book on the couch, pictures of dad always bring mixed portions of nostalgia and hilarity. So in honor of the fast approaching Father’s Day, share some of your favorite pictures of Dad with us!

photo contest in photosharing community - Dad in his natural habitat

Now through Father’s Day  (June 20th) enter to win free Joby products in the Dad in his Natural Habitat Contest. To enter, upload your favorite picture of Dad to In the Wild, Joby’s photo sharing community.

Some details about the contest:

  • 10 winners will get to select their own free Joby product
  • Maximum 3 entries per person
  • All entries must include a sentence describing Dad’s Natural Habitat
  • All entries must be posted by Father’s Day- June 20th, 2010
  • Winners will be chosen for best composition, subject matter and aesthetics
  • Popularity will be a factor-the number of times an image is “liked” will be taken into consideration

Friday Finds – National Hardware Show, Video of Amsterdam With the Help of a Gorillapod

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Hello Creactives!

It is that time again – Friday Finds.

National Hardware Show

This week Joby was once again in the desert of Las Vegas for the National Hardware Show to showcase our products especially the hands-free flashlight wunderkind – the Gorillatorch. The National Hardware Store caters to the “home after market” and attracts an audience of over 27,000 professionals. Joby came equipped with a  lovely white and orange booth and some  members of sales and marketing  teams.


I came across this funny video on YouTube. The Legos-in-motion intro reminds me of many fond memories. The tunes of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix then carry you through a carefree journey of the streets of  Amsterdam. The film was shot using Canon a EOS 7D with EF 28mm f/1.8 and a Gorillapod.

Amsterdam YouTube

Creating Meaningful Discussions About Art – Opening Festivities of the Oakland Museum of California

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This weekend’s festivities to celebrate the re-opening of the Oakland Museum of California was a testament to everything that is great about Oakland and also a welcome look into what the next generation of museums and art engagement will look like.

Oakland has accomplished what many other cities did not. It maintained and expanded its beautiful art museum without sacrificing exhibition space for architectural ego. The Oakland Museum of California was closed for 28 months for a $58 million renovation and reinstallation. The original building, groundbreaking with its naturalized planted terraces, built in 1969 by Kevin Roche, was a series of concrete structures that mirrored the nearby topography. The museum’s challenge was to expand the galleries within the overall footprint without compromising the intent and effect of the landscape architecture.

The new updates include; sculpture and roof gardens designed by Dan Kiley and a new top floor with an expansive California art collection. The spirit of the collection puts a Grace Hudson atmospheric depiction of a Pomo Indian in proximity to Mel Ramos’ larger than life centerfold fantasia as well as to Richard Diebenkorn’s abstracted landscapes and generations of assorted carvings and macrame.

Entrance to Art Galleries - Oakland Museum of California Art

The art collection is installed thematically and actively seeks to engage through the use of questions and interactive art projects. A particular fun example of this was the “Is It Art? Lounge,” where museum goers can grab pink and green tickets marked with either yes or no and vote on 3 pieces decide for themselves if what they are looking at is art or not.


For the celebration,  the museum opened its doors Saturday morning for 31 hours straight – in honor of California’s status as the 31st state.  An exhaustive list of multi-sensory around-the-clock activities were planned. Night owls were encouraged to stay and wear their pajamas. I found myself walking through crowded galleries with gutsy attendees wandering in their robes at 9 PM. This spirit of interactivity was clearly catching; everyone felt like neighbors and they eagerly discussed the art and got up close and personal.

While I was unable to catch the  8 AM Yoga class on Sunday, I did go to the Indian Bangara dancing where I was amazed to see hundreds of people in a multi-purpose room like setting swarm the area around the stage to learn some Bollywood moves. I finally left at 11pm when the incoming traffic seemed to outnumber the departing. The arriving grandmas just made me smile. How awesome to see a Museum as a true meeting place for all people to interact.

Highlights From Joby Lab Launch + Liquor and the Joby Inspired: Wall

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Joby Open House April 22nd 2010

Recently, we celebrated our new office space with a lively and fun filled party aka Joby Lab Launch + Liquor. Over 200 people joined us to eat, drink, mingle and even dance a little. The drinks flowed liberally as we feted our lovely new setup designed by Philip Wood & CITIZEN: Citizen along with Derek Chen the rest of the Council design team who crafted the amazing white tables that you see in the pictures below.

In addition, we inaugurated the Joby Inspired: Wall –  a curated space which showcases creative work whose goal is to inspire and foster new ways of viewing. Philip Wood blessed us by setting the bar high with the showcasing of his new work titled The Pattern of Security series of objects derived and inspired by data protection envelopes. In Philip’s words:

The Pattern of Security, a collection of products and a book, together form what we see as a first draft, a response and an observation on our concerns (both real and imagined) with security in the contemporary age.

Philip Wood - The Pattern of Security

Our space was further enhanced with a collection of found photographs (visible on most of the walls) by Rich Hansen from Indicate Design Group. Thank you Rich!

We even created some fun pictures ourselves  with the help of an instant back resulting in a cool vintage feeling photographs.

Noah strikes a pose in the photo booth

Photos from the Photo booth


See more photos from the party in our  flickr pool.

Vitec Group