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Friday Finds: Joby Decorates, Gorillapod Magnetic, Gorillacam Gets High Marks – Again & Flickr Favorites

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Hello Creactives!

How Many Joby Employees Does it Take to Move  a Bookcase?

Here at Joby we continue to move into our new space. Last week, we took on what seemed to be an easy task of moving a bookcase…apparently that was a little deceptive.

Gorillapod Magnetic Does the Rounds

Gorillapod magnetic flitted its way across the internet this week…ooh magnets! Of particular interest:

Engadget test drives the Gorillapod Magnetic on a golf club and discovers that hanging cameras in all directions is fun.

Gorillacam Soars to 1.5MM Downloads and Gets Top Reviews

As reported earlier this week Gorillacam, built by Apptight, Joby’s iPhone camera application reached a new high by reaching 1.5MM downloads. Finishing off a lovely week, Tempting Magazine selected the Gorillacam app as one of the Top 5 Best iPhone Apps.

Flickr Gorillapod Love Favorite Photo of the Week

This great image by Jez Page in the Gorillapod Love flickr pool caught my attention. I love the hint of the Ferris wheel behind the beautiful building, a little bit of modernity poking into the photograph.

Sheffield Town Hall- Flickr Gorillapod Love

Yippee! Over 1.5 Million Gorillacam Downloads to Date

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It’s official! The Gorillacam, Joby’s free iPhone camera app, has been downloaded over 1.5 million times!

Since launching just a few months ago the Gorillacam, built by AppTight,  has pushed to the top of the charts. After receiving  rave reviews from the likes of the New York TimesMacLife and Wired, we are thrilled to reach this  new milestone and look forward to celebrating many more.

Gorillacam iPhone AppStill don’t have the Gorillacam  app? Don’t be left out!

Friday Finds: Gorillapod Shmoozes with Jimmy Fallon, Make Your Own Joby Inspired Dolls & Macworld UK Top Products

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Happy Friday Creactives!

Some very fun finds this week…

Shmoozing with Fallon

The Joby Gorillapod had a very high profile week. The Gorillapod SLR Zoom was found chilling on the set of Diggnation with Jimmy Fallon. Respecting good social graces, the Gorillapod decided to stay slightly off to the side, but what a great view!

Flexible Gorillapod with Video Camera on the set with Diggnation and Jimmy Fallon

Joby Inspired Dolls

You may have seen these creative and cheeky dolls at our Joby Inspired event in the fall, but now you can follow the instructions and make your very own! Designers at Design Glut were inspired to create these male and female characters using a Joby tripod and  toy like parts. The full details are now available to download.

gorillapod tripod dolls


Gorillamobile and the Gorillacam have been chosen as Best of Show 2010 for the UK Edition of Macworld. As one of the “25 Products to Get Excited About,”  our articulating legs seem to be revealing themselves everywhere in the magazine.

Best iPhone Products   Gorillamobile and GorillacamGorillapod Video Blogging Tips featured the Gorillapod in this short but to-the-point video on the best way to get stabilize a camera for improved vlogging.

R2-D2’s Nephew Becomes Avid Nature Photographer

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Enabling Wildlife Photography

This fearless robot goes where no human dares to go. It’s low to the ground, rolls around with ease and is brave in the face of ever present danger. The Beetlebot stares down, flashes and captures the picture of the most violent and crafty animals. Don’t be mistaken by it’s adorable appearance, the Beetlebot enables outdoor photography all with the ease of a remote control.

BeetleCam Project Teaser from Will & Matt Burrard-Lucas on Vimeo.

I wonder what a romance between a Gorillapod and a Beetlebot would look like?

Friday Finds: SmugMug Meetup, Favorite Flickr Group Photos, Around the Net

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Hello Creactives!

Yet another gorgeous spring day in San Francisco, the sun is shining and we are all looking forward to enjoying it this weekend. But first, a look back.

East Bay SmugMug Meetup

This week Joby went to the far reaches of the East Bay to participate in the East Bay SmugMug Meetup. Many photographers were present to mix, mingle, discover new products and critique each other’s  images.

Our Lovely Host Gustavo

Got an event you would like Joby to attend? Let us know!

This Week’s Favorite Photo from the Flickr Gorillapod Love Pool

Skunkwork Photography captured this great perspective of a Corvette on his Nikon D90, with Sigma 10-20mm and of course a trusty Gorillapod.

Skunkworkds Photographic - Corvette

Pretty in Pink Care of the UAE

The Pink Panther has left his mark on advertising in the United Arab Emirates. This very pink advertising ran throughout the country for a bundle deal with Panasonic cameras.

UAE- Gorillapod photography bundle with Lumix Camera

Gorillapod Magnetic Travels Well on Gadling

Upside Camera Tripod

Gadling, the self-professed top travel blog, gave the Gorillapod Magnetic it’s seal of approval this week. The tweets for the post summed up the review nicely;  “perfect for the perpetually upside-down, traveling, photographer.

Great Title – Flickr Style

Clever names  and titles crack me up, even better when it is used to explain a new found devotion to Joby products. You can see this new convert to Joby Ballhead with the post “life, AB.”

Delightful Design: Cave Restaurant Design and Restaurant Acoustics

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A few weeks ago, I was eating out in New York at the Fatty Crab – playing with your food makes it taste so much better. The food was awesome, the company was fun, but I could barely hear a thing that was being said. When  I saw the design for the Cave Restaurant on Contemporist, I was grateful to not be alone in my concern. The beautiful, organic wood arcs remind me of the inside of a ship but with the added benefit of creating sound isolation for diners.

Description from the architects:

We aim to change the way we eat and chat in restaurants. The acoustic quality of restaurants contributes to the comfort and enjoyment of a dining experience.

We have experimented with noise levels in relation to the comfort of dining and the ambiance a cave like environment can create. The timber profiles generate a sound studio atmosphere, and a pleasant ‘noise’ of dining conversation, offering a more intimate experience as well as a visually interesting and complex surrounding.

The series of acoustic curvatures were tested and developed with computer modeling and each ‘timber grain’ profile has been translated and cut from computer-generated 3-D data, using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology.

The Cave Restaurant by Koichi Takada Architects

Design and Function at the Cave Restaurant

Friday Find – Cool Products Expo, Miniature Video, Time-Lapse Photography & European Press

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Hello Creactives,

Another busy week has flown by here at Joby!

Cool Products Expo

Wednesday we participated in the Cool Products Expo at Stanford University. Having originated in a classroom at Stanford, the Gorillapods felt right at home.  There were a bunch of innovative  products at the show including carbon fiber guitars by Blackbird Guitars, the action-sports inspired portable crib by Guava Family and the perfect product for those of us not gifted with a green thumb – Easy Bloom.

Cool Products Expo -Noah, Jenny, Michael

Gorillapod Focus with Huge Camera

A Day in the Life of New York by Sam O’Hare

The Sandpit from Sam O’Hare on Vimeo.

I came across this mesmerizing video on the Picture Perfect blog today and loved it.  I then read that some of video was shot using a Gorillapod and I had to share. Composed of 35,000 stills stitched together, the video shows a day in the Life of New York but with Lego sized proportions. Some details on how the film was achieved from the artist Sam O’Hare:

It is shot on a Nikon D3 (and one shot on a D80), as a series of stills. I used my Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 and Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 lenses for all of these shots. Most were shot at 4fps in DX crop mode, which is the fastest the D3 could continuously write out to the memory card…

I did some initial tests a while back using a rented 24mm tilt-shift lens, which is the standard way to do this. However, after my tests, I found it made much more sense to do this effect in post, rather than in camera. Shooting tilt-shift requires a tripod, as it is very hard to stabilise afterwards, and gives less flexibility in the final look. I opted to shoot it on normal lenses, which allowed me options in the depth of field and shot movement in post. I used a tripod for the night shots, and my Gorillapod (which is much more portable) where possible, but many locations—like hanging over the edge of a roof or through a gap in fencing on a bridge– had to be shot hand held, and the inevitable wobble removed afterwards.

Love it!

Montreal City Time-Lapse by Martin Reisch

Awesome find on twitter this week by the Canadian Artist Martin Reisch aka @safesolvent. Joby fan that he is, he posted his spontaneous time-lapse photography of the Montreal Skyline that he captured using a Gorillapod Focus.

Montreal Skyline Timelapse Photography from *safe solvent™ on Vimeo.

He also was kind enough to post the the video of the Gorillapod Focus gripping the fence to catch the shots.

Here are the details of the shoot from Martin’s perspective:

so i went out with my 5D Mark II, 40D, MacbookPro, iPhone as usual (yes, i tend to travel light) and the sky looked fantastic so i found myself down by the waterfront near Montreal’s Peel Bassin (one of several classic skyline vantage points) looking for a perfect place to shoot from.

As always, the best place to view un-obstructed skyline is in the middle of the water, but with a Gorillapod i was able to hug the railing on the bridge and stick my lens through the frame giving me a centered and perfect FLOATING clear view of the city!

I shot a frame every 4 seconds for 4.5 hrs and It held for the entire time without even a slight shake or slide! I keep my Gorillapodmobile 3G for my iPhone in my bag too, so i managed to snap a shot of myself waiting beside my timelapse with my laptop.

Gorillapod Timelapse Photography - Safesolvent

Joby in the International Press

Joby was feeling quite continental this week with a feature of the Gorillamobile in the Italian Vanity Fair and a piece on the Gorillapod Magnetic in in Spain.

Gorilla Mobile in Italian Vanity Fair

DSLR Magazine -Gorillapod Magnetic

Joby Photo Contest Winners Announced

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After pouring through hundreds of creative and enchanting photos from photographers all over the globe, we are excited to announce the winners of the Joby Photo Contest!

(Check out the the winners’ loot below.)

So, without further ado…the Grand Prize Winner for his breathtaking and creatively constructed view of  the Eiffel Tower is: Daniel Remler.

Daniel Remler -Eiffel Tower and Shadow

Daniel Remler

As part of his prize, Daniel’s photo will be displayed in the June 2010 edition of  Popular Photography.

In his own words, this is how Daniel, a German freelance photographer, was able to capture the shot:

The pictures were taken during my France trip last year in December. On this trip I took my Canon 40D SLR, the Gorillapod and my little Canon IXUS, just in case.

Unfortunately this ‘case’ eventually happened. My SLR suddenly didn’t work anymore and it turned out the shutter was broken. So I used the little IXUS for the rest of the journey. Those circumstances made this image actually possible because the upper platform of the Eiffel tower is surrounded by a close-meshed fence. I would never have got my SLR through it, but the little IXUS was perfectly made for this shot.

I saw the giant shadow of the tower and thought, this view is awesome. I wanted to link the shadow with its origin: the tower. But I would have needed a super wide angle lens to capture the whole scene. So instead I decided to take a series of 5 single images which I would later stitch together to a panorama at my PC. I used my Gorillapod which I winded around the railings and then step by step tilted my camera.

At home I edited the ready stitched image in Photoshop where I removed the saturation of everything but the river. I also sharpened the picture and increased the contrast by using the curves.

Bravo Daniel!

And now, for our Runners Up:

Maggi Dandar Photography -Anchor Point Ohio

Maggi Dandar

Kyaw Kyaw Winn - Myanmar Photography

Kyaw Kyaw Winn

Pete Leong - Fukushima city, Japan Photography

Pete Leong

Sudip Roychoudhury Boats Photograph

Sudip Roychoudhury

Darren Constantino Photography -Gorllapod SLR

Darren Constantino

Honorable Mentions:

Peter Talke -Photograph with Gorillapod Focus

Peter Talke

Elizabeth McKee-Seattle Space Needle Photo

Elizabeth McKee

Grand Prize Winner

  • Our entire Gorillapod assortment! (Gorillapod Original, SLR, SLR-Zoom, Ballhead, and Focus)
  • Your photograph published in Popular Photography!
  • Featured placement on

Runners Up (5)

  • Gorillapod SLR-Zoom + Ballhead
  • Gorillamobile
  • Your photograph showcased on

Honorable Mentions

  • Gorillapod Original
  • Your photograph on

Friday Finds – Swagapalooza, Twestival, Press and More

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Hello Creactives!

It’s Friday and its time to share a little bit of the fun that has been happening around here.


Last week a few of us from Joby had the pleasure of attending Swagapalooza, an at times raucous event where companies showcase their products to a gathering of social media greats – and some others. Guy Kawasaki keynoted and a bevy of hard core twitterers joined  in the fun. The live twitter feed made for some “interesting” moments. Joby CEO Forrest presented some of the creative ways Joby products have been used for photography including an awesome shot by our Director of Industrial Designer inside Notre Dame in Paris. Despite rules against tripods, our wily Gorillapod was welcomed into the venerable cathedral, allowing for some great photos even with the low lighting.

Here is the image that was taken inside of Notre Dame and the set-up:

Here is a video of our CEO Forrest speaking:


Joby was thrilled to be involved in the San Francisco Twestival event last week, which successfully raised over $10K for Concern Worldwide, an organization which seeks to bring education to the world’s poorest children.  Concern has been implementing innovative programs and solutions for over 40 years. The worthy caused brought together a number of people from the social media to tweet, drink, listen to music and drink some more.


We love the press love…here are some recent hits which make us feel – oh so very happy.

Best title of the week goes to Graphic Design & Publishing Center who wrote an article entitled “You need a tripod…a Gorillapod.” While the title may not be subtle, they certainly get the message across.

Honorable mention from a few weeks goes to this ultra long but very funny title from Cult of Mac;  “iPhone apps weekly digest: The day Mr. Mediocre came to town and got smashed in the face by Gorillacam.”

Other great press clippings this week include a piece on the Gorillatorch for in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and  a piece on the Gorillamobile for Smart Computing. 

Joby Blog is Back – Creactives Everywhere Celebrate

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Hello Fellow Creactives* (yep that’s you!),

Spring has arrived here in sunny San Francisco and it seems like the appropriate time to spring the blog back to life. At the risk of extending the metaphor too far, we also have lots of new stuff going on around here. We recently moved to a sparkling new office space (see photo below) and I am now here to keep you informed about all things Joby, interesting happenings and hopefully not too random musings.

Scenes from the new Joby office

Scenes from the new Joby office

So to give you a better sense of who I am, these are a few of my favorite things (trust me, you should be grateful, you can’t hear me sing).

A whole lot of books

*Creactive (n): [ Creative+Active=Creactive ]

1. A person who lives a creative and active lifestyle.

2. The community who influence and inspire Joby products.

Vitec Group